>Safe and sound

>I have just landed at LAX after and exhausting 2 days.

I have had heaps of work to finish before heading overseas and I have not even been able to get a blog post up before jumping on the plane. It has been literally crazy, but I am here now safe and sounds.

VAustralia were awesome and the flight was made doubly awesome by the fact that it was half full. I had 3 seats to myself for the entire flight and managed to get a good sleep compared to most flights I have been on in the past.

I am still tired and we are driving to Palm Springs later this afternoon (it is 9.20am here atm so I have literally gone back in time).

The charger for my laptop has died so I am not sure when my next post will be. I will need to get a new one over here.

Back again very soon with lots of adventures and pics…

Stay tuned