>Art in a carpark.


The long weekend is over but the adventure continues.

This weekend I was in Brisbane (which looks suspiciously like Hobart) for work. My boss cleverly managed to lose the car keys on Saturday morning and whilst we pondered what we were going to do I went for a wander around the car park. Mostly it was just aimless meandering because I was bored but then I stumbled across these patterns on the concrete.

I carry my camera everywhere I go because it never ceases to surprise me that you can find interesting things in the most mundane places.

There are amazing things all around us. Often they are not particularly spectacular or noteworthy. Often the most mundane things in our world can be the most beautiful in their simplicity.

When you look at a spot of oil on the road to do see the wonder in its patterns and colors? Do you wonder at the beautiful simplicity of its flow? Or do you wander through the world blind to the little things that surround you everyday?

It’s not about the oil spot or even about the photo. It’s about moving through life with your eyes opened to what’s going on around you.

Strive to see beauty in all things and that beauty will be reflected in you.