>Ahoy Matey


Before I give you all the gossip on my time aboard NaviGAYtion 2 I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who sent me emails of support after my last post “The good, the bad and the ugly”. I am happy to be back and reconnected to this part of my support network. I hope you all had as much fun over the weekend as you are about to find out I did.

On Friday the 5th 3 friends and myself stepped aboard the Athena for the NaviGAYtion 2 Cruise. We were all very excited to see what our new home for the next 3 nights was going to have to offer.
The first thing we decided to do was explore the ship. Cruise ships can be a bit crazy with stair wells and decks that all look the same after a while. The ships maps were not much help either and some joker had scratched off the “you are here” markers.
Before we could settle down though my cabin mate and I had to set the ground rules for the trip. 
Rule 1. What happens on the cruise stays on the cruise
Rule 2. What happens if we bring back trade to our cabin?
Fortunately the cruise line had provided us with the solution. Door tags with red and green lights had been provided for each cabin. Green light meant, “come on in” and the red light meant “your sleeping in the hallway”.
The night began with a safety demonstration. It was kind of like the safety demo you get when you board a plane but this one had a bonus.
All the hotties were in one room wearing lifejackets with their cabin numbers clearly displayed on the front. After making a few mental notes and carefully observing which ones passed the “blow your whistle” test I headed back down to the cabin to get ready for dinner before heading off to the Underwear and Swimwear Party. After the initial giggle and gawk at the myriad of hotties and questionable fashion choices it was down to business. I am not one to baulk at the odd display of flesh but I would like to point out to my readers that if you ever do go on a cruise and you are over the age of 60 please ensure your g-string fits properly and that both testicles are safely stowed before you strut the dance floor!
I was a little worried that I would be sick but I popped some sea sickness pills and I was fine for the entire trip. The sway of the boat made the dance floor a little tricky but there is no better icebreaker than falling on top of the cute guy in the white teamm8 Speedos and saying “oooo sorry it’s a bit rough tonight”. After switching my door tag from red light back to green I finally managed to shut my eyes at 5.30am only briefly realizing that my cabin mate did not spend the night in our cabin.
At breakfast rumors began circulating about cabin 641 and a private party. I made a quick mental note of the number and decided that in the interests of being professional and providing my readers with the fullest experience possible I would have to check it out.
After a quick breakfast of OJ, fruit and yoghurt we left for Kangaroo Island.  We arrived on the island intact and quickly began to explore the local sites including a visit to the local Party Ice Factory, Foodworks and Sip’n Save. 
It was nice to be on land for a brief time. The island itself is quite beautiful and after enduring cruise food it was nice to enjoy a meat pie and a decent coffee before nibbling on cold meats and dips, washed down with cheeky G&Ts in the sun. We then boarded the tender for the roller coaster ride home.
The food on the ship was interesting to say the least. I was beginning to understand why the chocolate platter included prunes dipped in sprinkles. 
Next was the leather party and I looked spectacular in a leather lap-lap, chainmail shoulder guard and leather cuff. The night was long and I danced until my feet were sore. There is something about dancing under the starts that feels almost primeval.  I was ready to hit the hay but knowing that my blog buddies deserved the full NaviGAYtion experience I soldiered on to cabin 641.
Two hours later after investigating the rumors thoroughly, inside and out, and from head to toe, I climbed into bed. Again I noted that my cabin mate had not spent the night in our cabin.
Sunday was a lazy day. One of the friends who had come on the cruise with me had been convinced to enter the underwear competition and I had to join with him as moral support. As much of an exhibitionist as I am I was really nervous strutting my stuff. Especially with so many hot boys around. After strutting the “catwalk” and being asked to play tunnel ball with a lubed up beach ball and no hands, we were forced to fight over a few pairs of swimwear in the ships pool. You have never seen so many cameras appear so quickly! With the finalists then announced, sexy French boy Jerome was declared the winner.
Dinner again was a culinary delight (I never thought you could serve pureed chicken on a slice of orange) followed by a drag show in the main showroom and then the white party. Laser lights and music beamed out into the darkness and the Athena became a tiny island of happiness and fun surrounded by the ocean and the stars.
Monday morning arrived too soon and as I again turned my door tag from red light to green and noted that my cabin mate had not spent the night in our cabin yet again. It made me sad to think about parting ways with all of the wonderful people I had met. I have made many new friends and have grown to know those I took with me a little better.