>Civilization Destroyed by Zombies… An inevitability

>A Canadian research team from the University of Ottowa has claimed that civilization would likely be destroyed in the event of a zombie outbreak. The group of Canadian mathematicians used models designed to calculate the effects of more plausible pandemics to determine that unless mankind fought back aggressively and quickly we would be doomed.

The Scientific paper titled “Infectious diseases modelling research progress” discusses the type of effects that would occur from an attack by the infectious biting kind of Zombie.
The study titled “When Zombies Attack!” uses the classic slow moving Zombie such as those in Dawn of the Dead as models and placed humanity into three catagories: the living, Zombies and the removed- Zombies who had been killed by decapitation.
Their study concluded that there was no point in trying to cure the infection or to try and live with the infected and that only an aggressive program to destroy the Zombies would save humanity.
They determined that although aggressive quarantine measures may contain the epidemic and that a cure may eventually lead to coexistence the most effective way to contain the undead would be to hit hard and hit often. As in the movies it would be absolutely essential to deal with the problem quickly before we all got into trouble.
Joe Imad the studies co-author said ” If you are looking at it in a more realistic way Zombies are about the same as any other major infectious disease. They get out and we try to eliminate them.
“modelling Zombies would be the same as modeling swine flu with some differences for sure, but it is much more interesting to read,” Imad said.