>Soooooo over winter!


OMG I am sooooooo over winter. Everyone I know is getting sick. Me included. Coughs and colds seem to be the order of the day at the moment. Fortunately there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon. I have been given the chance to head up to the Gold Coast this weekend to shoot a couple of models who want shots for their portfolios. Its a good opportunity for me to get some sun and some practice with the camera.
I think we all get the winter blues at some point. I used to love the winter. Big coats, open fires, lots of hot tea but as my lifestyle has changed so has my preference for seasons. I miss the beach and the surf in the sunshine but spring will be here soon enough and I am in a good position to really enjoy this spring and eventually summer. 
I am thinking about ideas for my next talky blog so if you have any suggestions then leave a comment.
Also don’t forget about the Creative uses for speedos competition. There is a $50 gift voucher from Jock Boy Locker up for grabs for the person who sends me a photo of the most creative use for a speedo.