>Polite shmoozing.

>I just got home a short while ago from the opening of an exciting new exhibit at St Vincents Hospital. The Exhibit uses readings of a persons heart and brain function to create a pattern of light. You can literally see your moods and feelings in color. Each participant is then invited to paint their interpretation of what they have seen.

It is quite exciting. You can actually lie there and change the colors and patterns just by focussing on your own heart rhythm and feelings.
I was invited to check it out but also so that I could make contact with some of the Local Art Power players. I was really nervous about meeting them. It was the same kind of nervousness I felt when I was worrying about whether or not my work was good enough for a show. I am not a trained photographer and was worried that they would see straight through me.
Still the comments were politely positive and I made some good contacts. I suppose that the question for me is do I want to be part of the Art community or do I want to stay independent.
Being part of a community is a good thing. I can obtain help and support when I need it but I don’t want to get caught up in the “wankiness” of the art world. Finding balance I think will be the key.
My photography has always been something that I have done for myself but I also like it when others get enjoyment from it too.
I suppose these are questions all artists ask themselves at some point.