Today all around Australia people have been buying lottery tickets in the hope of winning a piece of the latest $90,000,000+ jackpot. 

All over Australia people are dreaming about how their lives will change for the better. They are spending the money already on cars, houses and dream holidays. How much money though do we really need to survive?
In a world where 70% of the wealth is controlled by 10% of the population how much is enough?
In a world where executive salaries top millions and millions of dollars a year how much is enough?
I would never turn down 90 million dollars but when I think about that amount of money sitting in my bank account I can’t help but think about how many people could benefit from it. Ninety million dollars would buy a lot of hospital beds.
A friend of mine says he would put it in the bank and live off the interest but how could you possibly spend millions of dollars a month on anything that would not in the end be frivolous.
If I had ninety million dollars I’d buy homes for everyone in my family. Put money in trusts for their education and put the rest to good use trying to help the people who were important to me. 
However we won’t all win and we will have to continue with what we have. That doesn’t mean that can’t give. We can always give something to make the world we live in a little better. We can all make someone else’s journey in this life a little easier.
Fast cars and gold watches will not feed the soul, its easy to give when you have a lot. The real test is when the chips are down and you have only the change in your pocket.