>Ok… calming down now.


This morning was supposed to have been the final part B assessment for the bronze medallion. The conditions were awful but the 29 of us from Bronte headed down to join the Bondi bronzies ready to get stuck in.

I was quietly nervous about our preparation but took it on nerves as the club leadership told us that we would all be fine and that we had all done the training.

First up was the run swim run. This is basically a test of your fitness. The conditions were not good and the cans were very difficult to place but in the end they sent us out. Windy, choppy surf made the swim difficult but as we all made our way out of the water and headed into the final 200m run our relief turned to confusion as we were stopped by officials. Apparently the course and the conditions had made them decide to re run the run swim run again but they offered no explanation as to why!

Grudgingly we all headed off to try to keep warm as the wind whipped at our soaked bodies and wondered why we had been made to stop so close to the finish.

We began with the carries which were fairly easy until it was time to demonstrate our spinal lifts. This is when it began to go pear shaped. admittedly there were some errors but as someone who has worked in education and training I have to say that the method of assessment was sorely lacking and allowed individual errors to effect the assessment of the whole group without allowing for individuals to show their knowledge in multiple responses.

We were then asked if we wanted to continue the assessment given that the conditions were very difficult. We decided to stay. We were all keen to continue.

It was then back into the surf to do board and tube rescues. It was at this point that we were gathered together and told that the assessors were not impressed by our enthusiasm.


We showed up in the rain and wind!

We decided to keep going!

We were the ones standing around wet and cold in space blankets and anything we could find trying to stay warm!

We were the ones who said we would go again if we had too!

So it was back into the water to continue our rescues until finally we were told that the assessors and our club officials had come to the decision that we would not be continuing with the assessment.

I don’t mind being told I’ve failed, and I don’t mind being told that there are things I didn’t do correctly but that is not what happened I was told nothing! I am pissed off that the whole group was judged as a group and not individually and I am pissed off that others sought to save face without even consulting with the people it was going to effect and I am pissed off that I may now have to wait until May before I can finish my course.

Still after all the ranting I am calm now and even more determined than ever to get through it next time. I can be annoyed and still say “oh well these things happen” can’t I?

Just to show things are back on track here is a pic of me almost smiling…