>Why am I here?

>So many of us talk about finding our purpose in this life. Often we feel like something is missing, like there is something we are meant to be doing.

I often wonder why I am here… Why did I choose this manifestation of myself in this time and place.

The more I think about it the less important it seems. I choose not to ask myself “why am I here” and instead ask “what am I going to do with my time here?”.

Having a purpose seems like such a finite way of judging the success of this short visit to Earth. Declaring my reason for being here seems like placing a convenient limitation on what it is possible to achieve. Why say ” I was born to be a policeman”?. Why not instead say “Today I can be a policeman and tomorrow is another possibility”.

There is no doubt that one day I may find something that full fills me and I may just enjoy doing that for the rest of my life but I see so much possibility and so much to try that I hope I never cease to stop looking for my purpose.

I sometimes wonder if God is real, how bored must he be knowing and seeing everything. What would there be left to find wonder in?