Well just a quick update on life at the moment…

I woke up at 6.30am today. Lately I just don’t seem to be able to sleep past 7am. Its doesn’t bother me though because I like getting the day started early. I makes it easy I suppose when its summer and warm. Lets see what happens in winter.

I have decided that I really want to crack 70kg this year. I always hover around 63-65kg and I really want a little bit more chest and shoulders. This means I am eating more and supplementing with protein, creatine and glutamine… I’m sure the serious gym boys out there will have lots of advice for me but that’s how Ive decided to start. Ive also decided to go more weight and less reps at the gym.

It was interesting the other day when a mate of mine who is a serious body builder and who is really built made the observation that often guys like him may see guys like me and are envious because they know that we are trying to do things the natural way and here was I thinking they were just visualising crushing me like a bug.

I am continuing my search for a surf life saving club to join. I missed out on my first choice by 2 days but hopefully ill get into a course for next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Otherwise I will be focusing on water polo again this winter. I have already been invited to join a team up here.

I move into my own place tomorrow… yeeehaaaa. No more living like a back packer. The rent and the bond are a little daunting but I have the $$$ so I’m not going to stress about it any more. I just can’t wait to have a place that I can call mine. I am sharing with a friend but the feeling of having a place to live after going from couch to couch for the last few weeks can’t be beaten.

Ive met some really cool people over the last 2 weeks and made quite a few contacts so I am really starting to build my social networks again. I miss my mates back in Melbourne but this Sydney is finally starting to feel like home.

I will be back in Melbourne for the long weekend so I will get to see them all soon.

I’m off to have breakfast and another foul tasting protein shake.