>Who are you working for?

>While there is no doubt that having a place to live and food to eat are fundamental to our survival so many people are slaves to their possessions. When I see money I see opportunity for new experiences not new things. It may be as simple as a party ticket or the fare for the ferry to Manly but recently I have started to think bigger. I was shopping for a plasma TV the other day and I remember thinking to myself,

“I could spend the same amount of money on an airfare to somewhere amazing and the experience would be worth more than this TV could ever give me!”

Now don’t get me wrong I still want the TV but when I think about it like this it just doesn’t seem so essential anymore.

Money is choice and opportunity but who makes the choice? Who sees the opportunity?

Do you use money for material gain?
Do you use money to achieve status?

I use money for happiness and delight.

What are material things and status when compared to happiness and delight as food for the soul.