>Sorry for the break in transmission

>Sorry for the small number of posts lately but things have been a little bit difficult lately. Still enjoying myself although there are a few things that need to be sorted out (I’ll elaborate later).

I had a great weekend this week. A mate of mine came up here from Melbourne and we were able to hit the town on Friday night. I have not been out dancing in so long that I was getting itchy feet lol. I have to say that I am missing my boys a lot. Mostly I’m trying to meet new people up here. Need to build a new circle of mates. I have been thinking about joining another water polo team or even a surf life saving club to try and meet some new people.

I am having difficulty because a lot of my expectations of what my move to Sydney would be like have not happened. I still think it’s early days and I am doing my best to be positive. Having my friends visiting me is really helping me deal with my homesickness and I have decided that no matter what happens I want to stay in Sydney now. It’s ironic that after all the stalling and soul searching that went on before I moved here that now I don’t want to leave. I am really determined now to build a life here. Who knows where the future may lead.

I have been busy with the camera and I am looking forward to finishing off a few more shots to post here. There are a lot of keen models in Sydney and I really want to explore more portrait and portfolio work. I enjoy the shots of interesting objects and landscapes but I find portrait work really interesting and challenging at the moment and I am enjoying the surf shots too so its really lucky that I’m so close to the beaches.