>Imagine there were no possessions


I was listening to John Lennon today on my ipod and it made me think.

Imagine there were no possessions.

It made me think about what I really truly own in my life. I have a computer, DVDs, pots, pans, clothes and all manner of things but do I really own them? Sure I bought them, but I can’t take them with me and they won’t last forever. Things, like people come into our lives for as long as they are needed and then move on. They break, run out, or get lost. The more I grow to understand this the less attached to material things I become. The less I get upset when I loose them.

Sure it’s important to have a place to live, food to eat, books to read and clothes to wear but all these worldly things are transient.

There is only one thing that will always be with me. There is only one thing that will always be mine…


This one singular real possession is the most important thing I’ll ever have and it’s the only thing I will truly own. I have a responsibility to keep it and nurture it always.