>Im Back


Well I am back from Sydney.

Had a awesome time. I arrived early Thursday morning and had to wait the day out before the BF could come pick me up so I headed out to Manly on the ferry. The day was amazing… sunny, warm. It was a welcome diversion from the cold Melbourne spring we are having. I had the camera with me and there were sooooo many awesome things to shoot. I gave my new lens a good workout.
I have never taken the ferry to Manly before and I would recommend it to anyone who is in Sydney.

Manly is easily my favorite part of Sydney. The beach is beautiful. A lot of people go for Bondi but Bondi is merely a talented amateur when compared with Manly.
I spent the day sunning myself and checking out the talent while I wandered around with the camera and just generally had a relaxing day on the beach. I even managed to get a bit of a tan.

Friday was beautiful again and I headed down to Bronte for a relaxing breakfast and another lie on the beach. Bronte is small and a lot quieter than Manly. I wish Melbourne had beaches like Sydney. Id never leave then.

Saturday was a party day. My whole reason for heading to Sydney was to spend the weekend with my boy for his birthday. Dinner and much drink was enjoyed and we stumbled back home in the early hours of the morning.

The rest of the weekend was spent in recovery and I arrived home last night to find that my blog has finally tipped over 10,000 hits. Awesome. It still blows me away to look at the live feed and see where people are looking in from.