>A quick review…

>Last Saturday I went and saw the newest installment of the Star Wars Merchandising saga… The clone Wars.

Now i’ve been a fan of Star Wars for sometime now and although im no fanatic I do like the 3 original movies.

The last 3 movies… being episodes 1, 2, and 3 whilst being great testaments to advances in filming technology were sorely dissapointing. The Clone Wars is no different. The scripting is rudimentry and like its 3 newer cousins the focus of the film is on shiney objects and flashing lights. The entire movie is basically one long battle which looks cool at first, repetitive in the middle and tiresome at the end.

Insultingly unsophisticated one line dialouge like “protect our big cannons” and “lets go over there and fight them” left me sitting in my chair wondering whether the use of earplugs would actually improve my experience of the movie. They would atleast have allowed me to get some sleep.

Where did the hard edge of the Star Wars universe go? The first 3 movies felt far more viceral than the last 4. Perhaps its because those movies were more character driven and had to rely on their actors to create the world around them rather than lazily leaving it to special effects and a never ending stream of Muppets in space.
Where is the dirt and scum?

If any of you have ever seen Firefly and Serenity then you know already how it should have been done.

And that is all I have to say about that!