>Update 03.06.2008

>On the way back.

Hey guys,

Well im still working on getting set up in my new digs but things are finally settling down. Its amazing how cut off you can feel without access to the internet.

I find the feeling of disconnection from the rest of the world quite interesting. Whether its losing my phone or not being able to access the internet the feeling of not being connected has made me realise just how global my life has become.

I have friends and contacts all over the world now… messages can be sent and recieved instantly but why do I feel so anxious when this contact is disrupted and why does it matter to me so much?

I think I have become used to instant gratification that being online brings and the feeling of community that contact with fellow bloggers brings. This online community has been a nurturing place for me and being part of it feels like being part of something that is vastly bigger and infinitely more diverse when compared to the physical environment in which I live. But is this an illusion? Is sitting in my room infront of my PC promoting my global self doing more good than harm?

Since having limited access to the internet I have had to make more effort to catch up with friends and companions… Ive actually had to leave the house and have actual conversations and meaningful interactions with people. This is a good thing.

How many of us have entire conversations by text message or a messenger service online? How many of us spend hours on online dating sites instead of going out to meet people. I think quite often we sacrifice our local selves for global gratification that is ultimately meaningless if we never leave the comfort of our blogs.