>Friday the 13th


Its Friday the 13th… scarey. Scarey Because the year is flying by so fast. I haven’t even had time to read the paper yet!

Well im dissapointed… we lost polo last night grrrrrr and right in the last minutes of the game too. I very hard game against a team that beat us previously… still atleast we looked pretty.
I am back in Melbourne while my loverly boy settles himself into his new digs in Sydney. It was sad to say good bye but ill get to see him again soon. In the meantime I have been playing with my camera and am pleased to say that ive been having a bit of success and alot of fun.
Here is a series I took at home last week. I thought what better way to show you around my new digs. These first shots are titled… “Good morning” (original huh!) I was trying to combine sexiness with a slightly candid feeling. The warm tones give the shots that lazy morning haze, (I hope) that we all feel but I still think there is a freshness there aswell.