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Stop pressuring men to bulk up.

  Gay culture has always been superficial and I am ashamed to say say that for a long time I was one of those people perpetuating those same myths about body image. I stopped posting hotties of the week because I wanted to find a more positive message for the blog. I also did it for my own sanity because I realised I was comparing myself to guys who were…


I love a good lay in.

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Fashion… I wear it but I don’t know it.

I’ve always considered myself a bit of a fashion disaster but on the odd occasion that I do have to leave the house I have to wear clothes. Even with a father that was in the fashion industry growing up for me was filled with very awkward outfits, I just never had much interest in what I was wearing and being small in build only meant that everything looked ridiculous…


Keeping my goals in perspective.

So now that I have some time to step back and take a look at the last 2 years I am surprised by how well things have worked out. I set myself some pretty big goals and despite how I have felt about not achieving them the reality is very different. I’ve been much more negative over the past 2 years than I should have been. It’s a cycle that I’m…


A change of scene.

Last week was my last week of work here in London and also my last week in my beautiful balcony room. I’ve moved in with a couple of BFF’s for my last two weeks in London before I head home to Melbourne. It feels good now that work is finished. Although it’s been an intense 12 months here it feels good to reach the end and have achieved something. Many…