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  • Colton Haynes just confirmed he is Gay.
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Gay 101. Caring for yourself is not always something that comes naturally.

Something that I have learned about myself during my lowest periods is that caring for myself is not something that always comes naturally. For a very long time I looked after myself, ate well, didn’t drink or smoke, went to the gym and stayed away from drugs. I never really thought about it, I just did it, it was easy to say no and I felt fantastic. How well I cared…


Tiedyed Jockstraps!

  I’ve been itch’n for a pair of tie-dyed undies for aaaaaages now and I finally got myself three new tie-dyed jockstraps. They’re awesome, I love’m. The colours work beautifully and they are going to make a great addition to my spring wardrobe. I can’t wait to show them off. I’m keen to get some briefs now so that I can wear them to the beach and maybe for the odd…


Gay 101. The bad day survival guide.

We all have rotten days. But how do we survive them? How you react when things don’t quite go to plan or when they just go plain wrong is important because not only could you be blinded to other opportunities but you could also be causing yourself needless stress and heart ache. There is no doubt that some things just can’t be smiled away or brushed of easily but learning not…


My Calvins.

I haven’t bought a pair of CK underwear in literally years but there’s nothing like returning to a classic.   Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share via MySpace share via Reddit Tumblr it Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post


A quiet week but still not enough sleep.

Hey there, Last week was a quiet week on the blog because of work. I had to make a change to night shift and was working 1900 – 0500. It was a long week and as much as I wanted to post I just couldn’t concentrate for most of the week and needed to get my sleep. Getting a good nights sleep is seriously important. If you are someone who goes…


Hero of the week.

  Manish Gandhi is an Indian theatre director and stage, film and TV actor. In 2011, Manish directed, produced and acted in Mike Bartlett’s Cock. Even though homosexuality was at that point decriminalised in India, LGBT issues rarely made it to the mainstream. In 2015, Manish performed Brown Shakespeare, promoting equality in the arts and was featured on the BBC World Service. See the original article here   Blog this!…

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Same sex gender diverse formal update.

    Previously I wrote about the Same sex gender diverse formal being held in Melbourne and efforts to sabotage it by religious zealots with nothing better to do with their time than bully Queer Kids. Well the public responded by donating 600 tickets meaning it was free for everybody to attend. The event was a huge success and great proof to Young LGBT people all around the country that…