You’re the inspiration.

For those of you who need some inspiration for the week to come, meet Brian. I often get letters from blog readers thanking me for sharing my life and my experiences. I love to hear your stories and every now and then I get an email or a message from a blog reader which inspires me. I recently got a message from Brian on Instagram. Brian wanted me to know that…


Dam it!

Have you ever had one of those days where you are just booooooooored! I was getting cabin fever sitting around at home. I went to the gym but even after a workout I couldn’t sit still. I decided to head to the beach but just as I was heading out the door the sky clouded over. By this time it was after lunch and I decided to head out to…


Are your dreams just a shopping list?

If I was to ask the question what is your dream? How many people you know would give answers like, I want to own a big house, I want to own a Ferrari, I want to buy a boat and so on? How would you answer? It seems to me that many people I know have dreams that resemble a shopping list rather than a happy life. The problem with…


Ten ways to turn around a bad day. Part 2.

Continuing on my post about how to turn around a bad day in to a good one. Here are the last five little tips I have learned to use. I hope you find them useful on your own bad days. 6. Get some exercise. Fresh air in the lungs and the pumping of my heart always improve my mood. Healthy body healthy mind. When I’m having a really bad day…


Ten ways to turn around a bad day. Part 1.

Having a rough day? Sometimes we have a day that is downright awful, the kind of day where nothing seems to go right, when we fail at something or when something out of our control takes us by the short and curlies and rips them out like a bad manzilian. I’ve gotten pretty good at turning bad days in to good days and now I thought I’d share a few…

14-07-22 - Lucas Brooks - Cameron Cole

Cootie Catcher.

You may remember Lucas who helped me out with a cheeky Youtube video review of the Fleshlight and a Speedo. Lucas has always been a great supporter of me and of the blog and now he needs our help to support his latest show. “It’s about spreading sex-positivity, and encouraging audiences to protect, respect, and embrace their bodies, and step-by-step, destigmatize those who may have experienced sexually transmissible infections at…


The positive thinking isn’t a welfare scheme.

  Harsh title, gentle reminder… When I was a little bit younger I used think a lot about the Universe taking care of me, I even wrote a few articles about it. If you want something then all you have to do is put it out there and then have faith in the Universe that it will answer your request. I have always believed in the power of positive thinking…