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Tips for home hunting.

I move around a lot and the thing that is the most stressful is finding somewhere to live. Finding that special place you can call home and hang up your jockstrap isn’t always easy. I was asked today if I had any tips for finding a place so here are my top tips when looking for a new home. Use your network. Most of the time I have found a…


Boys in Crop tops… I’m all about this!

I’m totally on board with boys wearing crop tops but although I have a few myself I haven’t worn one out yet. Mostly I’ve been waiting for it to get warmer and now that spring has arrived here in Australia it’s going to heat up soon. I saw one boy wearing one out this weekend and he looked amazing. It’s all about how you style them and above all having…


Man Flu

Holy FUCK what a miserable 2 and a half weeks. I’ve been seriously under the weather and thats made life hell for nearly three weeks. Just when I thought I was going to be killing it at the gym and settling in to some serous fun for spring I was floored by the flu that was going around Melbourne. I’m not talking about a sniffle and a cough, I talking…


Roll your sleeves up.

A fashion tip from the unfashionable. The hardest thing for me when I’m shopping for clothes is finding styles I like that fit me. Most people under 5’8 that I know have similar issues. So when I do find something that I like I usually buy it straight away. As soon as I saw this Sweathog sweatshirt at Shag on Chapel St in Melbourne I had to have it but…


Every boy needs a grey Hoodie.

A fashion tip from the unfashionable. Im not really known for my fashion sense, most people know me better with my clothes off… but there are a few things I have learned about travelling and packing a suit case that I think are useful to share. Whether its cold or warm there are a few things that I like to always have in my wardrobe. I’m a big hoodie guy…


Get wet in the 2Eros Honolulu Sunset Swimmer

So I’m back in Melbourne and although it’s not quite speedo weather yet I couldn’t resist getting a new pair of 2Eros swimmers. Warmer weather is just around the corner here in Australia and if you aren’t already many of us will be looking ahead to plan summer bodies and wardrobes. The piece of swimwear I get asked about the most is always my old pair of Tribe Floral swimmers. They are…