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Home is where the heart is.

It’s home time, Wooohoooo! I landed in Melbourne last night. It’s sooooooo good to be home. my family were all waiting for me at dinner and my little cousins came running up to me when they saw me. They are adorable. It’s good to be home and although I am jet lagged as fuck I’m feeling pretty good from someone who has spent the last 24 hours travelling. Leg one…

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Pokemon Go, Gayboy Go.

This Gayboy has been Poke-balled and sucked in to playing Pokemon Go big time. I can see half of you rolling your eyes already but I don’t care, I’m hooked. It seems that my mates are mostly hooked or resisting but failing in their curiosity at least. I grew up with Pokemon but this is the first time that it’s actually managed to integrate itself in to my life. The…

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Why the camera adds 10 pounds. A picture does not always tell the truth.

  via GIPHY Continuing on from my other articles talking about body image and the aesthetics culture I discovered this article on Petapixel which talks about how focal length and your distance from the subject can effect how the subject looks. As a photographer I’m aware of this but I think it’s useful to talk about in the context of body issues here on the blog. This isn’t going to be…