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  • Im starting to think about what the next adventure will be.
  • Fan Art
  • The sun is out and my mood is up.
  • Colton Haynes just confirmed he is Gay.

Fan Art

Wow, here’s another stunning piece of fan art. It’s beautiful and the detail is wonderful. The artist has even included the small scar I have on my eyebrow after an accident I had when I was very young falling off a ladder. The close up shots really do give an awesome look at the detail. Thank you so much for these beautiful drawings       Blog this! Recommend on Facebook…


The sun is out and my mood is up.

  When I said that my mood and my homesickness would probably change when the sun came out I don’t think I really realised just how much. The weather over the last few days has been amazing and all though is going to be short lived the change it has made to my mood is crazy good. I’m actually wearing shorts this week. The legs have been getting some air and it…


Hero of the week.

  This weeks Hero isn’t a person it’s an organisation. Last month I posted about the Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal held around Australia and in particular Melbourne. Minus 18 is Australia’s largest youth led organisation for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans Youth. The organisation provides mental health support, social and dance events, online support, and resources to Youth and Mentors around the country. If you’re a young GLBT person…


Colton Haynes just confirmed he is Gay.

Woohoo for Colton although I think it was a done deal a long time ago. I remember buying a copy of XY ( that I still have ) with Coltons spread of him making out and getting very friendly with another hot guy. It fuelled many many fantasies and long showers even before I knew who he was. Since then I’ve been a fan from his Abercrombie days to Teen…

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 4.11.34 pm

600 smiling LGBTI Young People! The Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal 2016.

Earlier this month I posted about the Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal held in my home state last month. What a fantastic event! Efforts to sabotage this incredible night failed and as you will see below it was truly a wonderful night for everyone.   Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share via MySpace share via Reddit Tumblr it Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post


Hero of the week. Robin Lambird

19-year-old Robyn Lambird from Perth is one of the collaborators in a fascinating series on YouTube now about being queer and living with a disability. “I think there’s still a misperception in society that people with disabilities are pure, virginal, asexual and almost child-like – and obviously that is not the case. People with disabilities are sexual beings just like most other people,” she explains. Click here to read the full article…