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Choose my Superhero name and win! Extended

I’ve decided to extend the the deadline for name suggestions for my Superhero name. I’m still undecided so I thought why not give you all time for a few more entries. Enter as many times as you like guys. Thank you Dandy Lyonne for these awesome drawings of me as a Superhero. I have always AWAYS loved gay artwork especially by artists like Oliver Frey. Bike Boy and the Rogue…


Digital Quarantine? Grindr considers HIV filter.

The Following article appeared on Daniel Reeders blog Bad Blood Digital Quarantine? Grindr considers HIV filter. Written by Daniel Reeders. A colleague from UMontréal, David Myles, posted these Grindr screencaps in a group for researchers interested in hook-up apps.  Turns out Grindr is surveying at least some of its members to find out how they feel about filtering other members by HIV status. For a long time it has been possible on…


Black lives and Pride matter.

Protesters from activist group Black Lives Matter disrupted Toronto Pride over the weekend, grinding the parade to a halt. Recent events in Toronto have revealed just how much division there is within our own community. The targeting of Toronto Pride by BLM during a time when we should be coming together to show solidarity is a symptom of a wider racism problem within the GLBTIQ community. As a Gay Eurasian man…


An open letter from a Gay Cop after the Black Lives Matter protest at Toronto Pride.

During this years Toronto Pride Parade celebrations protestors from Black Lives Matter halted the parade by blocking the parade route. The group were there to protest the the events “anti blackness”. The parade was only allowed to continue after parade organisers signed on to meet a list of demands that included the removal of Police Pride floats from future parades. After the event Gay Police officer  Constable Chuck Krangle wrote an…


Hero of the week. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau became the first sitting Prime Minister to march in Pride celebrations in Toronto. Mostly politicians who come out in support on Marriage equality are just political animals trying to stay elected, few begin with the conviction that we are all equal. With the Marriage Equality debate in my home country mired in politics, bigotry and suffering from and obstructionist Christian Party and conservative government I’ve been…