• Don’t regret who you wake up with. VOTE!
  • Gay 101. My Kink Kit and a beginners guide to the Fetish scene.
  • Buy one get one free. Trump and Pence.
  • BCNU Rollick backless brief from Daily Jocks.
  • BCNU Rollick backless brief.

Stronger together.

I’m not an American but this election will effect the entire world. When the alternative is Donald Trump I’m very much on the Hillary band wagon. To all my American friends out there, please PLEASE get out there and vote. Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share via MySpace share via Reddit Tumblr it Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post


Gay 101. Don’t be afraid of your Fetish.

Wow, the response to my Pup article and Instagram post has been hugely positive. It’s been much bigger than I ever expected and I’m so excited that I can share it with you. A LOT of you have had questions since yesterdays post about the Kink scene and what I have tried but the thing nearly everyone says is “Wow I’ve always wanted to try…” Many Gay guys I speak…


My Amazon Wishlist is back.

Hey everyone, Now that I have settled in to my new place a few readers have suggested that I add my Amazon Wishlist to the blog. There are lots of goodies from jocks and bikinis to a few other items that would make for some very fun posts. If you would like see what’s on the list just click on the image here or on the blogs sidebar.    …



Sooooo last night I went to the Trough XXIII party here in Melbourne. It’s a fetish party that happens every three months and attracts about 300 party goes from around Melbourne and interstate. It’s essentially a dance/sex party with a fetish element which is probably why it’s so popular as there isn’t much of this kind of thing in Australia especially outside of Melbourne. You don’t have to partake in…


You gotta vote!

  Obama’s message to African American voters is a message for all Americans I think. I’ve been silent on the US election, but with the craziness that I have seen wrought in my own country by Conservative extremism combined with voter complacency and ignorance I can’t stay silent. Like it or not the US election will effect the entire world and I’m heavily invested in making sure the GOP and Trump…


Fashion. Another great find, Retro Fubu T.

Fashion tips from the unfashionable. This 90’s Fubu sports T from Shag Melbourne is a definite winner. This is why I love shopping in Thrift and Retro clothing stores. If you’re like me and hate wearing labels or walking around covered in advertising then a little trip to the local second hand shop is a necessity. The best thing about pieces like this is that you can be fairly certain that…


Gay Syrian refugee couple’s beautiful reunion.

Nader and Omar are Syrian refugees who met and fell in love in Turkey. The pair were stunned early this year, when the pair received news that Nader would be permanently resettled to Norway. Although the pair were engaged their relationship was not recognised in Syria or Turkey and as a result Nader would have to travel to Norway alone. Nader reluctantly left for his new home but the pair vowed…


Tips for home hunting.

I move around a lot and the thing that is the most stressful is finding somewhere to live. Finding that special place you can call home and hang up your jockstrap isn’t always easy. I was asked today if I had any tips for finding a place so here are my top tips when looking for a new home. Use your network. Most of the time I have found a…


Boys in Crop tops… I’m all about this!

I’m totally on board with boys wearing crop tops but although I have a few myself I haven’t worn one out yet. Mostly I’ve been waiting for it to get warmer and now that spring has arrived here in Australia it’s going to heat up soon. I saw one boy wearing one out this weekend and he looked amazing. It’s all about how you style them and above all having…


Man Flu

Holy FUCK what a miserable 2 and a half weeks. I’ve been seriously under the weather and thats made life hell for nearly three weeks. Just when I thought I was going to be killing it at the gym and settling in to some serous fun for spring I was floored by the flu that was going around Melbourne. I’m not talking about a sniffle and a cough, I talking…