Thanks Alan.

I spent this afternoon snapping some pics and video of a few new N2N pairs of underwear given to me by Alan. I couldn’t resist giving you a look… Thanks to much for these. They are super comfortable and the material is amazing. I’ll be reviewing them soon. I’ve received quite a few packages over the last week and I’ll be getting to them soon. Be patient guys hehe. There’s…


If it’s not real it’s because you made it not real.

  Social media is about sharing your life, but what happens when you start building your life for social media, where is the authenticity? Social media is back in the headlines as the discussion about what is real and what is fake resurfaces. Lots of people comment on how fake some people are or just how real or candid some of their posts are. I admit that I spend a…

Gay couple

Learning to spot when I’m not feeling right.

  Earlier in the week Pete sent me a message asking if I was still taking contributions to the blog. I’m always keen for other people to write and share their own experiences. Learning to spot when I’m not feeling right. By Pete. Around 8 years ago, friends and family recognised that I was going through a change. I was moodier and felt the pressure more when it came to…