GLBTI Youth support

Below you will find some websites that offer support and advise to GLBTIQ people around the world. The list is by no means complete. If you can add to the list then please leave a comment with a link to the organisation you want to recommend.

Need help finding a helpline? Click HERE for information on helplines in over 40 countries.

Help within Australia
Support for LGBTI youth in Brisbane
Australian LGBT youth and adults from Christian Backgrounds:
The gay and lesbian welfare association:
GLTBIQ Youth –
TwentyTen –
Family Access Network Housing –
LGBT services Northern territory –
Melb Gay and Lesbian Youth Chorus –
Young Bucks –
General Services:
Gay and Lesbian Switchboard –

Help in the United Kingdom

Help within the United States for LGBQ people in the American Military. Richmond Organization for Sexual Minority Youth (Virginia, USA)