• Bboyminn

    I don’t have a Formspring account, so I will ask you a question here. Have you every been approached to do porn? I’m not saying you would accept, and I’m not sure I would want to know. So the question is simply have you been approached?

    On the right beaches of California,I’ve been lead to believe, there are guys with cameras walking up and down the beach essentially approaching every hot guy they see, offering cash for an erotic photoshoot. That’s a bit blatant. Josh Hartnett  (movie star) was approached on the beach one day by a guy offering $100 for a nude photo shoot with a happy ending. I’m sure he declined the offer.

  • Bboyminn

    If I might be allowed a second question. Have you ever been approached to be the photographer on a nude erotic photo shoot, and did you accept? I don’t just mean a nude photo shoot, but specifically an erotic photo shoot? You know, with a ‘happy ending’?

    Do you feel this is legitimate photography? And if you were to accept such an offer strictly for the money, would you be willing to include that work on your resume (CV) or portfolio? Would it depend on where and how the photos were going to be used? Would you turn down some raunchy low class porn, but accept a job in more quality artistic porn?

    Just generally looking for your attitudes around this issue. As a photographer, I assume at some point this issue will come up for you.

  • Bboyminn

    Lastly, and I promise Lastly, are you OK with the waist band tie strings on all Speedos (and similar) being White?

    Personally I hate white. I think the Tie String should be the same color as the suit, Red tie for red suit, blue tie for blue suit, black tie for black suit. I think the white tie completely spoils the look. Curious about the opinions of others.

    • Shannon Boh

      I like them, I think it’s kinda sexy and draws attention to the right places. 😉

  • Smithr

    Whats in the sealed section and how do we get in

  • Curious

    Shannon, what do you do for work… to fund these trips etc??  Must have a good employer

    • Shannon Boh

      The universe has been very kind to me. I have been lucky enough to have been able to work and travel as part of that at the same time.

  • kevin

    Ok – waxing or shaving – which do you prefer? Me – I’m totally into getting a brazilian and having my legs done.

    • Shannon Boh

      I usually use a hair removal cream, I don’t have much hair to begin with and very rarely need to do anything more than a quick shave to maintain.

  • Irish boy

    Hey Shannon what kinda diet an exercise do you do to get yourself into such good shape ?

  • iowaeros

    Shannon why did you removed your dance from “good advice from Mum”. That is your only dance video that I didn’t see and when it popped up this morning I was a bit disappointed. I hope you re-post it.

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