• Jonaik48

    How do I get a pasword to the sealed section????

    Atlanta, GA

  • Hank

    How do I get a password to the sealed section?

  • HI Shannon. How do I get a password to the sealed section?
    Thanks – love your site

  • bboyminn

    Just a thought, but maybe you should setup some guidelines for photos, etc… for the Sealed Section BEFORE you open it.

    Certainly, you can control the content after the fact, but I think you could make the process easier on you and less time consuming, if you limited the scope in advance.

  • smokeshadow

    Shannon – your $ 9.95 went through my PayPal account but when I try to sign into the Sealed Section, I get the notice that I’ve entered an invalid user name. Could you please check this out!
    Thanks!! SWAK 🙂

    • Aussiespctimetravlr

      Hi SWAK, I’ve check PayPal and you were not charged. The registration is working now so please try again. 🙂

      • smokeshadow

        Shannon – the SWAK stands for “sealed with a kiss” 🙂

  • smokeshadow

    Shannon – still can not access the Sealed Section. It keeps bouncing me to the Membership Options area without letting me enter user name or password. Keep looking into this, please!

  • david

    thank you, shannon for the sealed section! i am so proud that you can show yourself off, without showing everything! i hope people respect your pics & keep them in the sealed section (though we know that they won’t). but, i will be more than happy to help support you!

  • SilverElve

    Hi Shannon, looks like I am not the only one who had this problem but I just register today, it says that I will have a mail to create my password and account name but I didn’t have anything even when I ask for the mail to be resent. Is it normal ?

    • Aussiespctimetravlr

      PLease check your spam folder and email me at shannon@aussiespacetimetraveller.com if you have any further problems.

      • SilverElve

        Mail sent, unfortunatly nothing in the spam folder.

        • Aussiespctimetravlr

          Please check you have sent to the correct address. I have not received your email. Please include your Username and Paypal transaction number.

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  • Speedosteve3

    Shannon – How do I add a photo to my profile? Thanks

  • Iowaeros

    Shannon, I have signed up for the member section and it won’t let me in. There is no place to Login. I do have a name and password. What do I do?

  • Hulk

    Shannon, I also signed up for the member section, but there isn’t a place to login. How do I access the Member Section? I have a Password and everything.

  • John W

    I paid to join but can’t get into the members section. Help!

  • iowaeros

    Shannon it seems like you mentioned one time that you were uncut. I would love to hear your thoughts about that and would love to see your forskin in the members section if possible. Being cut I am very interested in this subject. It would be nice to hear about it from a young mans perspective.