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December 21, 2014

Throw out the Tea-bags
If you’re a tea drinker like myself then you will probably relate to this one. All you coffee drinkers will have to tune out for a moment so here’s a pleasant Youtube video for you to enjoy while us Tea-baggers ( not the crazy American kind ) have a serious chat.

Okay now that the coffee drinkers are occupied let’s chat.
There is nothing worse than arriving at a…



December 20, 2014

Barcelona is one of the cities that I have been wanting to visit for a long time. It’s one of the places that I have always heard about from friends and family as one of the places to see. I didn’t really know much about the city and had to do some quick research before I booked. All I really knew was that I wanted to go anywhere that was…


Beautiful Montpellier

December 11, 2014

Tonight is my last night in France before I head over the border in to Spain and Barcelona. I’ve been a little bit lazy I must admit, lounging in my hotel room and indulging in a little bit of room service. After being on the road for a couple of weeks it’s nice to just chill out for a bit. But there has been plenty to do here as well….


Les Fêtes des Lumières

December 9, 2014

Completely by accident I picked the weekend of Les Fêtes des Lumières to visit my friend in Lyon, as it turns out it is one of the most awesome times of the year to be here.
Les Fêtes des Lumières differs from other festivals like Whitenight as it has a history that goes back to the time of the Plague in Europe. The uniquely Lyonnaise tradition requires that each house in the…


Paris. Napoleons tomb

December 8, 2014

Completely by accident I stumbled upon Napoleons tomb. I was wandering around the area surrounding the hotel and just randomly looking at buildings that looked like they may be important. I had been told by a friend that it was one of the sites that I should go and see but I had no idea where it was.

The outer building is beautiful but the really majestic view is inside. Interestingly…


Paris 2eme jour.

December 7, 2014

Hey all I’m currently in Lyon enjoying some time at Les Fêtes des Lumières, but before jumping on the train to head down I had one last day in Paris and the chance to get out and see try to see as much of the city as I could. I still had quite a few sites to cross off my list and map.
Top of the list was the Arc de…


Paris. OMG Paris!

December 4, 2014

So my wanderings continue and this time they have taken me to Paris. I jumped on the Euro Star at 5.40 am and slept my way in to France and not in the good kind of way.
I’m sorry Londoners but where London is pretty, Paris is absolutely STUNNING.
I have only been here a day and I’m in love. The city center with it’s history is beautiful but the thing that…


Six Myths about HIV testing.

Nat Tst Wk 2014 BLACK
November 28, 2014

The following article is taken from click here to view the original article.
It can’t have escaped your attention that this week is National HIV Testing Week.
All week, organisations across the country have been running activities and events to encourage gay and bi men to test for HIV, and to raise awareness of the importance of regular testing. So have you tested yet? And if not, why not?
Many of us find…