Some new Black and white.


I’m kicking off this week feeling really good.

I’ve been sick again. It’s a real pain, I feel like the weather and the winter are really getting me down. I know I keep bringing it up but this Aussie boy is seriously not having a good time at the moment. The days are getting longer now and the sun is starting to break through again but there is no heat and no motivation to leave the house.

I got myself a set of weights for home. Getting up at 0430 every day just isn’t sustainable when I’m working twelve hour days. So now I can get an extra 40 mins sleep and do my workouts at home before I head to work. No excuses now.

I’m going to kick off with another round of thirty day challenges. I only have about four months before I finish up here and head home and I want to be fit when I get back.

I also have some pretty serious savings goals this time around and balancing the budget and not feeling like I am wasting my time in London is tricky. I’m keen to get out and see some of the sights and London life that I missed last time but I am also really keen to meet my goal. It’s easy now because it’s easy to stay at home but as the weather gets better I’m going to be keen to explore again.

I have had some reason to get excited though because a bunch of new underwear arrived this week from a few followers and readers. In one of the packages was this sexy little pair of briefs. I’m not normally a pattern guy but this pair is just so damn comfortable.

You can be sure you’ll be seeing more of them and the new pairs too. Tonights Members post is a scorcher in a favourite jockstrap. I re-arranged my room to give me some extra workout space and decided that I needed to play around in the new light. The result is pretty hot so make sure that you check it out.