I’m in LONDON! Just saying…


I’m surprised to find out just how many people are still surprised when I tell them I am in London. They are either not reading my blog or instagram or are too busy just looking at the dirty pictures LOL.

I’m still in London guys. I have been here for about six months and will most likely be here until July. I’m enjoying my time here mostly but the cold isn’t pleasant. The people I have met here are ace and I’m making up for time missed at the beach with time spent exploring London and the area around it. I’ll be making wider trips as the weather improves.

If you’re in the UK and you would like to help show me around then let me know. I’ve met a few buddies who have offered to take me places like my recent trip to Liverpool. I’m also planning trips to Manchester, Glastonbury and Bath when my schedule settles down. There are quite a few castles I want to see and I will FINALLY get to stone henge.

Last week was Chinese New Year and with London hosting the largest celebrations outside of China I welcomed the year of the Monkey by munching on dumplings with friends and checking out the festivities. It all kicked off in Trafalgar square which was rammed with people all trying to stay awake through the speeches, bad commentary by over botoxed hosts and a single Lion dancing in the middle of the square. I was hungry and unimpressed.

China Town here is small and really just a tourist trap full of restaurants but it still felt like a cultural experience. It was much more fun with Dragons and marching around the streets to the sounds of drumming in the background. The close atmosphere, cooking smells and people made it feel much more like the celebrations I remember back home. You could really get amongst it rather than straining to see past the barriers and people holding up their smartphones. Being so far from my family it was nice to share a little with friends and show off my mad dumpling ordering skills. I had looked online for a good dumpling restaurant and typically most places were ranked 3 out of five stars. As the head waitress who I can only assume did her training at a cattle auction herded hungry punters to their tables we were seated next to a filthy mirror and told to order big because we would not be allowed to order a second time. Great food but appalling service seems to be the norm at most small Chinese restaurants on this side of the world too.

Finally with our bellies full we headed home for a snooze.

So London is good, yes I’ll say it again… I’m in London.

Love you all.





2 thoughts on “I’m in LONDON! Just saying…

  • February 24, 2016 at 8:00 am

    Missing the beach huh, perhaps before you come home you should check out the south of France?

    I’m in NZ, just saying 😉

  • March 23, 2016 at 12:54 pm

    FYI: Your twitter profile still has you located in Melbourne… 🙂


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