Liverpool Day 1.

Just another beautiful Liverpool day by the Mersey.

Last week I took a couple of days away to visit Liverpool with a friend. It was a short trip away to break the boredom while I wait for work to start again.

It was nice to get out of London but as soon as we arrived in Liverpool it started raining and given that most of what we planned to do was on foot my patience wore pretty thin. I was running around in the wet and the cold getting the full English experience when we both said fuck it and headed straight for the indoor comfort of the Anglican Cathedral.

The Cathedral is very different to the others that I have seen so far around the UK. It’s very new as Cathedrals go, having been opened in 1978 and I was excited to see something more contemporary. It looks like a fortress of red brick and concrete and although its similar in shape to many of it’s older cousins it lacks the ornamentation and sculpture you see on the great gothic cathedrals that you see in London and other cites around the UK.


The lack of decoration makes the building look severe and bunker like, as it towers over the hill. The pictures you find on it’s website and in the tourist brochures do it no justice at all. Inside it’s equally as impressive with a high cavernous hall and tall windows.


With rain pouring down outside there was nothing to do but wait it out and like a couple of old Nannas we decided to have the vegetable soup special and a sandwich in the Cafe, loverly darl.

Finally the rain stopped and although it was wet and cold we were determined to make the most of our day. Next stop… Paddy’s Wigwam.

The Catholic cathedral known by the locals as Paddy’s Wigwam looks ominous as it towers over the surrounding buildings. As we approached it looked more like the set from Aliens or a Nuclear power plant than a church. It’s an imposing but not a particularly joyful looking building. The inside was decked out in 70’s style complete with plastic plants and aluminium shop doors.

Paddy’s Wigwam – The Catholic Cathedral is a menacing site.

Leaving the Wigwam and heading down in to the centre of the city we continued our wet walking tour despite being blasted by glacial winds, I was grateful for my thick boots and winter cowl. Matt despite my constant moaning about the FU$#@^%*&$^#@&^@%^#%$@G!!!! weather wanted to show me the docks area and the famous Liverpool Liverbirds.

The view of the Royal Liver building and the Liver Birds from the Docks

The Liver bird is the symbol of the city of Liverpool and a pair of them sit on top of the Royal Liver Building. We checked them out briefly before we had finally had enough of the cold and the wet and headed for the hotel and a hot cup of tea ( like I said, Nannas )

Luckily day two was sunny and clear mostly. More coming up in my next post.

Tall ships in the old Liverpool Docks.
The Ferry crossing the Mersey River.