Relationship goals and the Instafamous. The dangers of basing your relationship goals on fantasy.

If your relationship goals are based in fantasy then you are doomed to failure,



If your relationship goals are to have a hot boyfriend who takes cute selfies with you then you’re being foolish. I’m sorry if it sounds harsh but I really feel like some people need a wake up call on this. Articles like this one perpetuate the myth that if you’re not hot, don’t have a hot boyfriend and don’t take too cute for words selfies then somehow your relationship still needs work. Notice that all the relationship goals in this thinly disguised reason to post pics of hot guys “article” have nothing to do with having an actual relationship.

I’ve been on the receiving end of more than a few guys saying “wow I wish I had your body, wow I wish I had your life.” My reply;


it’s my life and my body and you can’t have them.


Don’t be me, be you. My life is a mess, I’m constantly worried about how I look, my self esteem is unhealthily attached to how much I go to the gym. I suck at relationships, I’m a financial dunce, I beat myself up all the time for not being perfect. I get depressed, not the “I’m sad” kind of depressed, but the “I can’t be bothered to eat today” kind of depressed.

You are worth so much more than your Instagram account and the relationship you deserve will come from real genuine connection. These couples just might have amazing relationships behind all the marketing but the goals we should we should be aspiring to like compassion, honesty, unconditional love, and empathy don’t come out of the box. They come after years of self examination and being honest with yourself. They come from having your heart broken and put back together by someone who cares about you more than they care about their next selfie…


…and they take a lifetime to figure out.


Don’t be suckered in to comparing your life to these people because that’s exactly the point. Your supposed to look at them and say wow I want their life. You’re supposed to buy the clothes they wear and the eat the food they eat, go on holidays where they go and use the face cream they use because thats how they cash their ” I’m famous cheques”.