Goodbye Goldcoast… next stop London.


So yesterday I said goodbye to the warm Goldcoast sunshine and the palm trees and headed down to Melbourne for a few days with my family before I leave for London later this week. It’s the only time I’ll ever be able be able to say I’m off to Ole blighty for some warmer weather. We have been told this weekend in Melbourne will be one of the coldest ever but as I sit here typing this I don’t see it.

Everybody has been fawning over me say oh no it’s so cold but they forget that I am a Melbourne boy. This weather is nothing to me.

I’m trying to fill my days here with family and friends. I don’t want to go too nuts partying before getting on the plane. Last time I had a big weekend before flying to London I got sick in the last hours of the flight and ended up spending my first two weeks there with a rotten cold.

Im much more excited this time round and although I was feeling very nervous about this trip a week ago I can’t wait to get there again. This time around I know London a little and that makes all the difference.

Last trip was focussed entirely on work but now with a little bit more local knowledge I’m hoping that I can really enjoy the city. It looks like I have missed the warmest part of the year which is a shame but there will be lots of opportunities to get out and about over the next month.

I’m still trying to arrange accommodation but if everything goes to plan i’ll have my own place this time round. Last trip I shared so this will be something new for me. I figured that I’m ready for my own place and i’ll have plenty of space for some shannonigans.