That post adventure comedown.


I have been back in Australia now for a month and I’m starting to settle back in but I find after every big adventure there is a come down, it happened after sailing too. It’s that feeling you get when you return home and things start to go back to the way they were before you set off.

You might know what I mean, it’s that “parties over” kind of feeling.

I keep reminding myself that coming back to Melbourne is just for the summer and for a holiday. I will be returning to the UK later in the year but it’s easy to feel like things are just going back to the way they were before I left. I’m back staying in the same house, even sleeping under the same sheets and it feels like the last 8 months might have been a dream.

Again the problem is focussing on the past rather than on the future and on moving forward rather and looking back, yes it’s obvious but it’s something that I constantly need to work on. Comparison is a problem for me because for the moment I focus on the negative rather than the positive; what I was doing compared to what I am doing, who I was compared to who I am and what I have compared to what I had.

The trick to beating the “I’m back here again” blues is to keep busy moving forward and to not let myself get stuck back in the same old routines. Moving forward means pushing forward with work and being proactive. It also means constantly reminding myself of the reasons why I’m back. I’m here for the summer to have a break, focus on my health and fitness and otherwise enjoy the results of a job well done.

Things aren’t the same as they were before. I’ve got the travel bug, I have had a great time overseas and I have achieved most of my goals for the last year. I have had my adventure, had my holiday and now it’s time to start the next one.

The future is bright and there are lots of awesome things ahead, it’s time to get over the hangover and start planning the next grand adventure.

Just keep swimming.