A day in the rain.


Earlier this week I headed out for a day in London with Blog buddy Chris. It was great to have a local to show me around and there was plenty to do and see. Unfortunately there was also plenty of rain.

I was feeling pretty seedy after a night out and all I could think about was food. We headed to an wine bar near Embankment station called Gordons. It was awesome, underground, dark and full of character with low ceilings and earthy food. A bit of Pork Belly, roast vegies and a good chat and we were ready to head off in to the rain. I’m always a little bit nervous meeting somebody new but we hit it off and and were in for a fun day.

After snapping up an umbrella from a street vendor we headed off down the Strand in search of something to see. London is a beautiful city even in the rain. It was a truly English experience, rain, rich food and loads of history. It helped that my guide also knew heaps about the cities history. We stumbled on to Somerset house as we made our way along the Strand. It was one of those spots I didn’t expect to see and the rain had kept the crowds away which meant that we could enjoy the beautiful courtyard in relative peace.


I will admit that I have been feeling very unsettled since arriving in London. I think that being sick, having to find a place to live and starting work so quickly meant that I hadn’t really had time to process what was happening to me. I was questioning whether I had made the right decision. I was struggling to settle in and while I was feeling better after some time off it’s a paradox that it wasn’t until after I did all the touristy things that I began to feel at home. Pot plants and new bedding helped but it wasn’t until I played the tourist that I began to appreciate that I now live here.

When I moved to Sydney I was there for two years and even after that time I didn’t really feel like it was home, so I am no stranger to making a change of location. I know these things take time and so I’m ready to relax now and see how it goes. They say home is where the heart is but it’s about more than that. My heart is definitely in London but you also need warmth, friends and a place where you feel like you belong. As I meet more and more people and expand my comfort zone here I’m feeling more adventurous. As willing as I am to try new things, I have always been very slow at actually getting out there and giving it a go.

Now after three months I feel comfortable. In my head I have begun to accept London even as I feel it begins to accept me.