Gay 101. How to pose for selfies.

I get asked all the time about photography and selfies. I find the whole selfie thing pretty funny really and Irony of the fact that I’m a selfie whore is not lost on me. If you can’t poke fun at yourself though then whats the point?

So since the humble selfie is so close my heart and since there are so many of you out there snapping away on your iPhones I thought I would put together some quick selfie poses for you.

IMG_6459The walker.

I love this selfie. It’s the ‘oh I’m just here being so casual, yeh sure you can take a picture of me’ selfie. It’s designed to fool the observer in to thinking you actually have somewhere to go because you are after all a busy, fashionable young go getter. Add a backpack for that element of believability. Looks best in an alleyway or a Starbucks.




IMG_6464The Lynx effect.

Mostly this is for those guys with a pit fetish. It’s the ‘oh my back is sore from that workout, what great timing for a selfie’ pose. It’s best taken in a gym after a big arm workout or a Starbucks.






IMG_6465The Angry boy.

Because you only own 1 Xbox, your Prada got ruined by the drycleaner, the gym is closed, Mum gave your best chinos to the Salvation army and your’e a deep angsty well of emotion that nobody understands. Take this shot from the waist up to avoid looking more like the Constipated boy. Best shot at a music festival or a Starbucks.




IMG_6461The duck face.

Because the soup is hot and you need to blow on it first. For sexy, fashionable sophistication this head shot is the mainstay of any selfie album. Combine it with lip gloss, glitter and coloured contacts to really pop. Best shot in nightclubs with low lighting or a Starbucks.





IMG_6471The Itchy.

Crabs might be an endangered species but there are plenty of other reasons to have your hand on your crotch. If your reason for not having a boyfriend yet is because your dick is too big and you might kill somebody then this pose is for you. Best shot on a basketball court or in a Starbucks.






The dude where are my keys? 

Because I don’t need you or your selfies. I’m too cool to look at the camera. I have emotions that you could never understand, have you seen my keys? Best taken in front of a sunset or in a Starbucks.






IMG_6463 The Honey I shrunk your tank top.

Still living at home? Mum shrunk the washing again? This pose is for you. So casual that your abs will just pop all by themselves. Best taken in a locker room or at a Starbucks.






Okay so joking aside there are heaps of guys out there including myself taking selfies everyday. As long as your having fun who cares how you pose, as long as you send me some hehe

Keep and eye out for part 2 Gay 101. How to pose for DIRTY selfies, featuring the Downward Dog.