• FanofShannon

    You look good with facial hair.

  • Kewl Jim

    Love Santa in a Speedo – the ONLY uniform he should have in your warm weather. (The red suit is for the Northern Hemisphere where it is cold.)

  • mark0159nz

    well your just crazy 🙂 but funny.

    Happy Holidays and have a good new year.

  • Jay M.

    I really miss your blog. I understand the need to make money. And I do so hope that you’re making money at it. But there are those of us who really enjoyed your openness, your advice, your pictures (yeah, those, too). But now everything seems to be “subscription only”, so I am considering dropping you from my blogroll, etc. You’re a hot, smart, talented guy whose photography I loved to see. Now it’s all about money. Sorry, Shannon, but some of us can’t afford $10/month to see you at your best like we used to. We’re both professionals, so I hope you get this. I truly do. I might check in every now and then, and check out Melbourne Cool, too. But since this blog seems to have evolved to a “pay me some money to see more” site, I’ll pass. As hot as the dancing about it, sorry.

    Peace <3
    (will I get a response?)

  • Andrew