Whitsundays Arion Adventure. Chance Bay.


Sailing around the Whitsunday Islands you get to see some really beautiful little bays. Chance bay is one of the anchorages we used to reach Whitehaven beach which is about an hours hike through the rainforest on the other side of a headland.

The bay is quite small and separated by a reef in the middle and a rocky area of the beach. As a place to stay over night it was very calm and beautiful.

The walk over to Whitehaven was an easy amble through the rainforest that would have been quite pleasant if it hadn’t been for the bugs and sand flies trying to get a bike of us at every corner. The sand flies have been really nasty and my southern skin isn’t used to them. Their bites have come up in red welts all over my legs. They itch like the devil but luckily only last a couple of days if you can resist scratching.


The best thing about being here has been the wild life. All along the track Goannas and small lizards were sunning themselves. One goanna was about two feet long and lazily headed up the path in front of us.

When I arrived on Arion I was a little disturbed by the tiny blue dingy that came rowing up to the dock to collect me. Surrounded by flash inflatables with outboard motors zooming around the bays I did feel a little ping of jealousy. But my time here has made me really appreciate our little blue row boat. Big out board motors scare away the fish, turtles and anything else that may be lurking around. Our little blue row boat however skims calmly and peacefully across the water while Turtles and fish pop up right next to us.


It surprises me how much of nature I have been able to experience here and it makes me really notice others who crash around like bulldozers and miss out on it. While we were anchored at Chance Bay a big motor cruiser arrived blasting music while guys and girls drank and danced on the sundeck. While this kind of fun has its appeal I couldn’t help but notice a big Turtle the size of a large platter sunning itself about 20m of it’s bow. Not a single person on board noticed it, neither did they go ashore to enjoy the crystal clear water or go snorkeling amongst the amazing reef. The experience has made me appreciate even more how good life can be without the trappings of the modern lifestyle and how much we city folk miss out on.


Finally the motor cruiser left and peace returned to the bay. I climbed up on deck for a shower in my speedo and after a few minutes a tinny with five young female back backers came slowly past to whistle and cat call at me. Talk about experiencing new things.

Finally after a Ukulele practice, an excursion to the beach for some photography and another chance to appreciate the majesty of the Milky Way it was off to bed under the stars.

It’s a hell of a life.