• joe

    Dammit, I’m not waiting for the pizza man all day……

  • Jeff

    You want a what?????

  • Brad

    Bustin’ Out!

  • gaysianboi

    LETS get save my boyfriend.

  • joe

    What a great ass !

  • Dave

    SURPRISE! I’m back.

  • kris

    Herrrrrrrreeeesssssss”‘ Shannon

  • Jordi

    “Will Leafblowerman save us once again, in another episode against the almighty Duke of Nettleleaves?” Don’t miss it, this Saturday on Disney channel or for the unsealed edition subscribe to your all new Vox TV station.

  • Speedosteve3

    Now there’s a young guuy I could really get behind…………bars!

  • Dudeinlouisiana

    Aussie chainsaw masturbator!

  • AZMyke

    Now why’d those Jehovah’s Witnesses just run away??

  • FanofShannon

    I can’t believe those trick-or-treaters didn’t like my costume.

  • helena

    I’m sure this isn’t what you had in mind, but I couldn’t resist:

    Stone walls do not a prison make,

    Nor iron bars a cage; …

    If I have freedom in my love

    And in my soul am free,

    Angels alone, that soar above,

    Enjoy such liberty.

    Richard Lovelace, To Althea, from Prison

  • Len Reece Friend

    Trick or treat? Either way I win lom

  • Stevobel

    The sign out the front reads “HONK AND WATCH ME BLOW… “

  • Alex Musgrave

    Which is the toy and which is the tool? Why don’t you try them both and see which one gets the job done?

  • Steve

    Any decision yet Shannon? Which is your favourite? Some good efforts – hard to choose!