The 30 day squat challenge is complete. Now Judge the results.

So as many of you know I have been doing the 30 day squat challenge.

The challenge is essentially 30 days of squats resting every 4th day, and increasing the number of reps by 10 or 15 each day. The other details were a little fuzzy but I decided to keep to no more than 4 sets and by the end was doing 4 sets of 75 squats. It’s a body weight only challenge and I saw it as a great way to start blasting my legs and butt before I got in to some serious leg workouts and I am very happy with the result.  You can check out more here.

I have noticed that my legs are much stronger and more toned as is my butt. I have always felt my butt was a bit flat so the challenge was a great way to motivate myself towards getting that perky #boybandass many of us dream of. This year I want to build some serious booty butt. It’s a little bit vain, but for someone who spends a lot of time baring their ass it a wise investment.

Motivation on something like this is the key. It’s easy to get half way through and give up or think that you are not getting any results. If you are going to do the challenge you need to understand that it’s a part of the process not the whole thing. You are not going to have a massive boy booty after only two weeks. You guys can judge the results for yourselves. I am going to keep going with the squats now but as part of a larger leg routine. The increased strength and endurance in my legs means that I can kick my leg days up a notch.

As always before doing something like this you should speak to a trainer or professional I took on the challenge but I made sure I using correct form and was careful to rest if I felt that I was pushing too hard.




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