Jockstrap review Pump, red jock.

I have a feeling this ones going to be a popular one hehe…

So unless you’re just tuning in you should know that I have just started my first ever jockstrap challenge and lots of readers and followers have been sending in dares for places that they want to see me in a jockstrap. So far I’ve bared by cheeks at a train station and in the stairwell of a car park.

My newest jock, the red Pump jockstrap is about to make it’s public debut and I thought it would be a great excuse to do a review and post a couple of cheeky pics. I have never tried the Pump brand before and when the undie guys offered me a pair for the challenge I couldn’t say no. I love the colour. I don’t usually go for red clothing but underwear and swimwear are an exception. Red feels naughty, looks naughty and makes you feel like you are wearing the Devils panties ( Miss congeniality reference).

The first thing I noticed when I put them on was how soft the pouch material is. It was very ,Very comfy and there was plenty of room. I felt supported but not squashed. Another thing I really like is that the seam on the pouch runs all the way to the bottom and under your equipment. This gives you a great shape over other styles that end the seam right where the head of your cock would be, leaving it looking pointy and baggy.

The waist band is thick but comfortable as are the straps. One thing I have noticed on styles with thicker straps is that they tend to fold and twist under the curve of your boy band ass. Once the material has folded and creased it’s very hard to fix. It’s not uncomfortable though, just inconvenient if you plan on taking lots of photos of yourself wearing them.

The best indicator of how good a jockstrap is if you get a hardon as soon as you put them on and the Pump red jock is definitely hardon material.