Melbourne takes Pride.

Yesterday was Melbourne’s annual Pride march.

Every year the Midsumma festival finishes with Pride and a celebration of Queer Culture by the beach in St Kilda. It’s nothing on the scale of Mardi Gras in Sydney but the turn out yesterday was the biggest I have ever seen, helped along by the beautiful day that Melbourne turned on for us. St Kilda is one of the cultural nexus of Melbourne where all kinds of different people meet and live in what was once Melbourne’s red light district. It seems only fitting that Pride should be held there.

I took my camera down with me hoping to share some of the atmosphere with you. As well as the usual drag queens, trannies and the traditional Dykes on bikes there were many other groups in the parade showing just how diverse Melbourne’s GLBTI community is.

This year for the first time AFL footballers Daniel Jackson and Brock McLean marched along side Yarra Glen player Jason Ball and teammates, in an effort to draw attention to homophobia in the AFL and sport in General.

“The AFL and players have been so quiet on this issue for so long, they’re sort of pretending like it’s not there,” McLean said.

“But there is an issue there. There is homophobia in sport,” he said.

“And if we could start to get more people to talk about it, and more people to voice their opinion and talk about what’s right – and that’s treating everyone equally – then I guess that’s a win-win for everyone.”‘

This years march also saw the largest Police contingent to march to date.

On a personal note this years Pride felt far more optimistic than in previous years. The weather and the company I was in might have had a slight influence, previous years have been windy and wet and not much fun. But after surviving the end of the world and with a brand new year ahead I can’t help feeling that Pride this year will not just be a celebration of sexuality for me. Pride for me this year will be much deeper and much broader as I look towards some significant goals in both my personal life and at work.

I hope you enjoy the photo’s.