You can check out my photography on Tumblr now

One of my resolutions this year is to share more of my photography work.

I’m often asked by blog readers about my photography and although you can see it on Facebook and on my professional website a lot of the day to day stuff that I shoot gets missed. I have created a Tumblr just for my photography and for sharing my work. You will see some old stuff there and some new. My latest experimentation has been with the Lomo Fisheye2 that I was given for christmas. It’s a spunky little film camera, that has been making a few trips with me around Melbourne. When I’m out with my camera I am looking for things that may not always capture our attention as we go about our daily business. All my life I have been try to tell people to appreciate the little things and photography is my way of sharing that message.

You can be sure that this year I will be photographing a lot of little things and trying to give you new ways of looking at the mundane in your life.

I’m trying to avoid filters and photoshopping as mush as possible now. I love the rawness that the Lomo brings.

See you out there.

S x

  • Beau Bo

    Thanks for the Tumblr Photo Gallery effort. I relish checking your additions from time to time

  • mark0159nz

    nice, filters aren’t a bad thing tho.