What is this blog actually about?

Does it need to be “about” anything?

I was speaking with a friend today and he commented that he found the blog a little confusing. He couldn’t figure out what it was actually about because the content was so varied. It got me thinking about what the blogs goal is and why I am even bothering to write it.

I have never really bought in to the lifestyle of consumerism and although I like to do the odd swimwear review you won’t find the blatant “objects that will make you happy” theme that runs through so many blogs online right now. So it’s not about that.

I have never read a self help book in my life. You won’t find me regurgitating Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins and claiming it as some kind of personal revelation. So it’s not about that.

I am not a personal trainer. I won’t be writing about diets or workout routines like I know better than the other 1 billion personal trainers out there. I just comment on what works for me. So it’s not about that.

I am not a “like” chaser. It’s great to reach a larger audience but if people don’t like me then I am cool with that. So it’s not about that.

I have often wondered about the blog and it’s reach. I have always written about the things that are important to me, and left it to my readers to decided what they like and do not like. Sometimes it’s meaningful, sometimes superficial. Sometimes agreeable, sometimes controversial. I have had and shared my fair share of opinions, and that is where the answer lies I think.

Each of us is a complex mess of different experiences, ideas, opinions and personality traits and if the blog appears to cover a lot of ground it’s because there is a lot about my world that catches my attention. So the blog will continue to be about whatever it’s about at the time that I write it, and people may like what I write or not. I learned a long time ago that not everybody has to like me and I’m okay with that.