Midsumma Carnival 2013

Today was the annual Midsumma Carnival in Melbourne and although the weather was threatening, the day turned out to be a success.

In typical dusty Aussie Summer style the Melbourne Queer community stepped out in it’s best and worst for a day of entertainment, drinking and soaking up all that the scene here has to offer. The usual menu of bands, drag, dog shows and other supporting acts.

The Gay community in Melbourne is diverse. One of the things I really noticed this year was the number of children. It’s stunning how much “our” community looks just like “their” community. The Gay community everyday mirrors the straight community more and more.

This years carnival really felt more like a family event than in previous years, which is a sure sign of the evolving nature of our community and the changing attitudes here in Australia.

I took my camera with me. I wanted to capture the day for you to experience too. You will notice there are no photo’s of promo boys or speedo clad hotties. To be honest filling the gallery with those images would have been boring. Every Gay event has it’s hot, nearly naked boys. While I like a cheap thrill the same as everybody else, I really wanted to look for images that spoke about who we are. Small moments that could have been taken from any festival anywhere around the world, and this year thankfully there was no lesbian avalanche to dodge (seriously youtube it… lesbian avalanche Midsumma 2012).

So here you go guys, in the spirit of sharing more of my work, here is my short essay on Carnival Day 2013