Gay 101. Lube me up!

Lube is important, but knowing which lube to use can often be hard.

From corner store generics, to vasaline, olive oil, and designer brands, Lube is one of those things that we can’t do without but which if chosen wrongly can lead to a sticky chaffing mess.

Sex is awesome but with a good lube it can be even more awesome. There is nothing worse than getting all hot and bothered and then having to re-apply lube every 30 seconds because the crappy water based lube you grabbed from the super market dries out too quickly.

Lube is also important because without it your condoms can break opening up risk to all kinds of STD’s including HIV which you don’t want. Or using the wrong lube can also result in a broken condom opening up risk to all kinds of STD’s including HIV which you don’t want.

So for all you beginners out there and even for you experts here are a few tips for you when selecting the right lube for you.

Choose the right lube for the job.

Water based  and Silicon based lubes are best for use with Latex condoms. I find that water based lubes tend to dry out quickly so I prefer to use the silicon based stuff myself. It doesn’t dry out and doesn’t leave me feeling all sticky afterwards. It’s also great for the shower or bath because to doesn’t dissolve easily in water. The only problem with silicon based lube is that it can stain your sheets so I often keep a towel handy.

Water based lubes are smooth and slick but as moisture is absorbed by the body they often become sticky which actually has the opposite effect of what you want. Clean up is a breeze with water based lubes, just a little warm water and a gentle soap should do it. Water based lubes also have the advantage that they are completely compatible with Latex based condoms. One disadvantage of water based lubes is that many of them contain Glycerin which can sometimes increase the chance of infections especially in woman so if you are Bi just make sure you clean up after sex.

Oil based Lubes, well you just shouldn’t use them. They cannot be used with condoms as they damage the latex or silicon and they can cause irritation and are harmful if they end up inside you as they don’t easily break down. Vaseline and other oils have sometimes been used by Gay men for anal sex but with the alternative we now have there is no reason why you should still be using these.

Anal lubricants are lubes that have been designed specifically for anal sex and are available from most sex shops. Anal lubes differ from everyday sexual lubricants are they are specifically designed to be used with condoms, and aim to relax the muscles around the anal area without losing any sexual sensations therefore allowing for easier penetration.


2 thoughts on “Gay 101. Lube me up!

  • January 21, 2013 at 7:49 am

    I like how you repeated the sentence about STD’s and HIV. That is worth repeating.

  • March 10, 2013 at 3:57 am

    The problem with many advance lubricants is they can be expensive. One trick it to take your favorite, like Astroglide, and mix it with a common lube like KY Gel or the generic equivalent. Of course, they need to be compatible, that is, they actually need to mix together. But mixing like this not only results in a good lub, but doubles the volume for substantially less money.

    I know a guy who has worked for a Poly-based water-soluble lub company for years. He say the Lub that Electricians use to pull electrical wire is exactly the same. The difference is Lub meant for humans is made in a virtually Sterile factory.

    A further note: For solo activity, which when surfing the net can take a long time, water-based lubs can dry out. But they are still there, they have only lost their water content. Just a few drops of water and the surfaces is as slippery as ever.

    Now, I can’t recommend using Electrical wire Lub, but you can buy a quart for roughly the cost of a few ounces of Sex Lub. Though, really, how long would it take you to use up a quart? Note: even the electrical wire lub does come in smaller bottles of a few ounces. Unclear for ‘butt’ activity, but it might be Ok for Solo activity if you are too embarrassed to go to a Drug Store or Sex Shop for regular lub. Not making recommendations, just passing on some general information.


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