Gay 101. Learning to love my foreskin.

One of the most common questions I get asked is, am I cut or uncut? For those of you not familiar with the term it means, am I circumcised or not?

I am not circumcised and for a long time I wished I was. When I first began encountering other penises in the locker rooms after swimming, Scouts and at school, I noticed that there were all kinds. Long, short, fat, skinny, and circumcised uncircumcised.

I used to hate my foreskin.

A while ago I received an email from a young man who was concerned that there was something wrong with him because his foreskin did not retract when he got hard. This situation is actually very common and it happened to me. It was something that made me feel different and made me extremely self conscious during sex. I hated my foreskin and for a long time wished that I was circumcised. I would feel embarrassed during sex and avoid situations where I would be naked, mastering the “under the towel” change.

I began to encounter more and more guys who felt like me at the time. They preferred guys who were cut, and after a few awkward “what’s wrong with your penis” conversations, I really was beginning to feel miserable.

As well as feeling embarrassed it was also painful. When I encountered other guys who had no idea what it was like to have a foreskin, they  would be rough or try to jerk it back. It just made me feel even worse, until finally I spoke to my doctor about it. The doctor told me that it was a quite common medical condition and that my options were to have a circumcision which he did not recommend or that I could train it to retract. He gave me a cream and told me to “enjoy myself”. It took a long time  but slowly, little by little I was able to pull it back further and further until eventually I was able to fully retract it.

Now I love my foreskin.

The result of 19 years of having never seen daylight meant that the head of my penis was and still to this day remains extremely sensitive and heightens the pleasure I get from sex. Most guys I meet who are circumcised moan about the loss of feeling and how much they wish they were uncut. I have never known the difference, but I know that the first moment when a guys tongue rolls over my head as my foreskin retracts, is one of the single most pleasurable things I know in this world.

Eventually I began to meet more and more guys who appreciated the little bit extra that I have. There are guys out there who just can’t get enough. Some men have even told me how beautiful my foreskin is. Regardless of popular opinion about my own, I like the look of a circumcised cock, but  I appreciate that little extra now more than ever and I don’t think I would give it up for anything in the world.



  • Schoolboy Twink

    Good Article Shannon, in a way to, guys who are circed, can understand a way in the Loss of there own foreskin, in some cases, they had no choice over the decision, an can leave a scar than can last for yrs, an much regret, that they are circed,
    But until then, we have no time machines to change time past to fix those decisions we had no choice over.
    Yes, it can be hard to accept whether cut or uncut, whether your own or someone elses.
    there are also methods too i have heard of, like restoration to try to reclaim what was lost.
    might even be good to do an article on it too,
    Thx again for the article, i know that experience myself for my own penis.

  • Clarkvirus

    Found this article rather curious. I am relatively certain uncut is the norm here in the UK, but to my knowledge it is not a big thing. From my own limited sample group, that holds up (3-1). Never really thought about it in any serious way.

  • Andrew

    Great, great, great post. This is an oddly sensitive (no pun intended) issue these days. I happen to be a cut guy from the US, who feels no shame or “deprivation” from not having a foreskin. I have some uncut friends who laud the wonders of having extra nerve endings, but to me, it’s like like to compare – let’s say – a recreational drug. I’ve had mine, and I quite enjoy it. you say yours is tons better, but I have no reference point for that, so mine remains as awesome as it was. HOWEVER, I have “encountered” a few guys who had your initial issue with heir foreskin not retracting. I’d be very interested in the cream and whatever you did with it to eventually get your to retract. I’d like to pass that info along… purely for humanitarian reasons…

  • Jay M.

    From the very first time I encountered an uncut penis, I wished for a foreskin. I love uncut penises. Both on philosophical terms and sexual terms. I know guys who wish they didn’t have one, others who wish they did, and some who love theirs (most all I know that are uncut), and others who don’t so much (the friend who could not retract his, and it was so tight it hurt when he got hard). I think it runs the gamut just like every other piece of your body. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes about the way they are. I do know I would prefer to not have been circumcised, but that wasn’t my choice at 2 days old. Anyway, I know how to drive you bloody crazy if you’ve got one (I’m good with cut, too, but I love making love with an uncut dick), so let me at ’em!

    Peace <3

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  • mark0159nz

    I have never understood the idea that being cut is some how more normal. We are born with the foreskin and to remove it is kinda stupid.

    If you have problems with the foreskin, enjoy a hot shower and retract the skin while your aroused. Just don’t force it. It also helps in keeping it clean.

    I also think the problem we have is with the porn coming out of America, to be honest, all of those Americans being cut makes it the norm and so we kinda want to be norm.

  • I had an excessive infant prepucecomy/circumcision which was used to cause me sexual dysfunctions to appear after puberty. People who commit infant sexual mutilation as a form of religious eugenics should have millstones tied around their necks and dropped to the bottom of the sea.
    In countries that keep their children intact, there is more brotherhood. Boys get to learn from each other how to correctly care for their prepuces as a ritual of becoming a man, then choose to be straight or gay according to their own preferences. In countries that prevent education on the processes of maturing into men as nature intended, this knowledge is lost and often replaces with superstitious religious rituals, homophobia and witchdoctor medicine, preventing normal development into our manhoods, and converting us directly into soldiers, warriors, and terrorists, victims of infant genital mutilation ready to attack the enemy within. That is why there is so much terrorism in the world today.

  • Joey in Atlanta

    OMG It is like reading my exact experience on the subject!

  • cebunative

    I was circumcised when I was 22 and it was my own decision. The reason was that the foreskin was so tight it was impossible to retract it fully. The surgeon also meant it was the best thing to do and the operation was not a big deal. I never regretted this since I now function better sexually and the light inflammations at the tip of the cock I had every now and then before circumcission have dissappeared. I think both foreskin and circumsized are just as sexy but I think you should not be circumcised unless it is necessary.

  • Mike W

    Hiya I was circumcised as an adult because of exactly the condition you describe. In my case the cream didnt work. Cant really say which is better because the condition was uncomfortable. Hiowever, I do enjoy sex much more now the condition is fixed. I certainly get as “excited” as always 😉

  • musicmix

    I want my skin back! no one asked me before they cut it off.

  • Jeremy Gie Kung

    I never really understood what I had and used to think circumcision was a good thing until I was 15 and an older friend told me he had been circumcised as a baby and the Doctor cut the glans of his penis off leaving him with a stump.
    I asked to see it and it was flat across the end. I immediately understood what circumcision was and realised how barbaric it was.

    About 8 years later I came across a site on foreskin restoration I realised that my foreskin which had retracted and exposed about 2/3rds of the glans had lost nearly all feeling and sensitivity compared to the covered part. It used to get chafed and sore from rubbing during sex and masturbation.

    I used manual stretching and regained full coverage again and the dried out and calloused glans became soft, sensitive mucousal tissue again and I no longer got chafed or sore which really improved my sex life.

    Foreskin becomes retractable anywhere between 2.5years and the last growth spurt at up to 22 years old and this is completely natural. If then it is still not retractable and steroid creams do not work they can perform preputioplasty which makes little incisions into the frenar band to make it retractable.

    One of the biggest reasons that the foreskin is not retractable as an adult is improper care as a child. Some doctors tell parents that they need to forcibly retract an infants foreskin to clean it and this damages the frenar band and can cause scarring and infections.

  • Mezzra Tey

    I have noticed many gay men and women love circumcised penises and for many, being circumcised is very positive and a gain, with no drawbacks based on most studies. Everyone has to love their own penis at the end.