Gay 101. Learning to love my foreskin.

One of the most common questions I get asked is, am I cut or uncut? For those of you not familiar with the term it means, am I circumcised or not?

I am not circumcised and for a long time I wished I was. When I first began encountering other penises in the locker rooms after swimming, Scouts and at school, I noticed that there were all kinds. Long, short, fat, skinny, and circumcised uncircumcised.

I used to hate my foreskin.

A while ago I received an email from a young man who was concerned that there was something wrong with him because his foreskin did not retract when he got hard. This situation is actually very common and it happened to me. It was something that made me feel different and made me extremely self conscious during sex. I hated my foreskin and for a long time wished that I was circumcised. I would feel embarrassed during sex and avoid situations where I would be naked, mastering the “under the towel” change.

I began to encounter more and more guys who felt like me at the time. They preferred guys who were cut, and after a few awkward “what’s wrong with your penis” conversations, I really was beginning to feel miserable.

As well as feeling embarrassed it was also painful. When I encountered other guys who had no idea what it was like to have a foreskin, they  would be rough or try to jerk it back. It just made me feel even worse, until finally I spoke to my doctor about it. The doctor told me that it was a quite common medical condition and that my options were to have a circumcision which he did not recommend or that I could train it to retract. He gave me a cream and told me to “enjoy myself”. It took a long time  but slowly, little by little I was able to pull it back further and further until eventually I was able to fully retract it.

Now I love my foreskin.

The result of 19 years of having never seen daylight meant that the head of my penis was and still to this day remains extremely sensitive and heightens the pleasure I get from sex. Most guys I meet who are circumcised moan about the loss of feeling and how much they wish they were uncut. I have never known the difference, but I know that the first moment when a guys tongue rolls over my head as my foreskin retracts, is one of the single most pleasurable things I know in this world.

Eventually I began to meet more and more guys who appreciated the little bit extra that I have. There are guys out there who just can’t get enough. Some men have even told me how beautiful my foreskin is. Regardless of popular opinion about my own, I like the look of a circumcised cock, but  I appreciate that little extra now more than ever and I don’t think I would give it up for anything in the world.