How do I select the hottie of the week?

The hottie of the week has not been without it’s discussion in the past and there has often been comment about the types of guys reflected in these posts.

I think it’s worth writing a little this week about how I go about selecting the hottie of the week.

Firstly, while I have a sweet tooth for Twinks, I tend to avoid posting them as it is often difficult to determine their age. I am very conscious of not posting images of guys that could be underage. Naturally there are some posts in the past where I have used images of young men usually in context with an article, but I have always tried to limit those pictures to where I can be absolutely sure that they are not inappropriate.

Secondly, I try to select Hotties from a variety of backgrounds. Obviously my own personal preferences do not always reflect those of the readers but I do try to be diverse. There have been Asians, Latinos, African Americans, Europeans, South Americans and many others who have been featured as hotties.

Thirdly, I have grown up in Australia and inevitably I view the world from a western perspective. I have in the past asked for contributions from around the world, and you will see some of those this week in future posts. But I have yet to receive such a contribution from a Non European or American source even though I would very much like to.

I look for images that are of reasonable quality where the following things are visible,

– Eyes. The eyes are your connection. It’s so much more attractive when you can see their eyes, and they are not hidden behind sunglasses.

– Bulge. I like a good bulge preferably in a Speedo or Briefs.

– Front pose. Bubble butts are good but I tend to go for pics that show the guys from the front. For me it is about the face and eyes.

– Something that stands out. There are tonnes of hot selfies out there but for me to put it up as hottie of the week there needs to be a certain “X” factor that gives me a tent in my Speedo.

– Keep it natural. I tend to go for candid images or shots with minimal photo shopping. I like the guys natural hotness to shine through rather than using and over photoshopped glamour shot.

I am always happy to take submissions for the hottie of the week so if you have a favourite then please feel free to send them through.

So there you have it. These are the things I consider when choosing the hottie of the week. Naturally my own personal preference plays a big part and not everyone will agree all of the time, but I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do and can appreciate them for all their hotness.