Jerk it…

Ok so it’s no secret that in the past I have admitted to a few more interesting fetishes. One of these fetishes is cartoon porn. There is something I find incredibly erotic about gay comic art. I am not talking about the sappy lifestyle comics. I am talking about the good stuff, the sexy stuff and the down right horny stuff.

Maybe it’s the fantasies that these comics and drawings inspire. I remember fumbling through my first Gay comic, Bike Boy by Zack (also know as Oliver Frey). I drooled over every picture of his perfect bubble butt and hot little bod and wished I could be him. It was the fantasy that sucked me in. In these comics everyone is buff, smooth and sexy and as a young gay man about to come out, they made me feel sexy too.

As I got older I realised that the fantasy was far from the reality, but the gloss and the eroticism of the artwork never lost it’s attraction. Oliver Frey Still reigns supreme for me and I am keen to collect more of his books and his art.

Fantasy is the key attraction, and a little nostalgia too. As a closeted young gay nerd I drooled over games characters and cartoon hero’s. When I was struggling with the isolation of being young and in the closet these characters not only tickled my dreams of the heroic outsider, they also tickled my pink bits. Who wouldn’t want to be adventuring with a Twinky Link or a semi naked Vaan from Final Fantasy.

In many ways these sexy characters became my first crushes when I was too afraid to explore or out myself at school. They were the damaged heroes, men with dark secrets like me who rose above the odds to conquer. They were courageous and handsome, and they were loved.

The new age of gay art has moved on to more modern and more stylised drawings. The work of artists like Patrick Fillon, Joe Phillips and others has pushed the boundaries of what is porn and what is art. Not to mention the pioneers of the genre like Tom Finland and Oliver Frey.

I have always made a point of not posting porn on the blog but somehow even though these drawings are explicit I still find them more naughty than rude and I am sure you will agree that they fire the imagination.

I was surfing the net a little earlier and I discovered this little gem. It is probably the most explicit thing I have ever posted on the blog, and final Fantasy fans will enjoy it. Whilst naughty, it is still only a cartoon. I hope you will enjoy this little bit of interactive fun for the first time ever on the blog. There are many more to post if you like this one.

Enjoy 😉