>We simply cannot make the world stand still…

>I was reading my horoscope today. I never place too much stock in what they say but sometimes I find them interesting. Sometimes they are spot on and other times they are totally off target. Today mine was really good.

“We simply cannot make the world stand still, no matter how dearly we may wish to preserve or protect some aspect of our life. This becomes a problem if we believe that what lies ahead is somehow worse than whatever we are now in the middle of. There really is no need to be afraid of change. Whats happening may not match your idea about whats supposed to be happening. If, however you roll with it and try to learn from it, it will benefit you enormously.”

The words couldn’t have been more spot on.

After everything that has happened over the last couple of weeks I really feel like the future is going to be great and I am looking forward to so many things.

Last night I heard from Josh and he contacted me on Monday as well. It feels really good to be able to chat to him again. After some analysing I realised that the reason I was so upset was that I felt like the last year had been wasted. I felt I had been dropped and that all the time and sacrifices I had made for our relationship were unappreciated and meaningless. But the simple act of asking “How was your trip?” made a HUGE difference and brought about a an even bigger change in how I felt. Just asking that question means a lot to me because I feel like he still cares. I have accepted the way things are now and I find all the anger and hurt has disappeared. I finally feel truly able to forward.

  • kevin d

    >Anger and hurt can drag anybody down. Letting go of that is a big step in healing. You’ll do fine.

  • SpeedoMike

    >we all need to remember that little nicities like a phone call, greeting card, invitation to lunch and such can mean so much to another.

    glad you enjoyed your friend’s call.

  • Gary Kelly

    >What were you doing up at 5am? Anyway, that wasn’t a horoscope… that was a piece of general advice that applies to a squillion other people as well as you. I wish I could make a buck by writing something as profound as “We simply cannot make the world stand still…”

    I’d also love a dollar for everyone that says, “I never place too much stock in what horoscopes say but I read them anyway.”

    Meanwhile, possum, there is no past and there is no future, there is only now. So all you have to do in life is focus on one thing… the present. Too easy, yeah?

  • mark0159

    >You know, any relationship is worth the time spent. Each one teaches something about ourselves.

    Sometimes the relationship is short and sometimes it’s long. We all hope that we will find that someone who we will spend out lives with.

    if we come out of a relationship lasts the test of time then we are stronger because of it. But you know if we don’t try we don’t live.

  • Anonymous

    >Well, I hope not, I mean isn’t that where gravity comes from, a spinning planet?… 🙂 No matter what anyone else says, in the end, you manage to figure life out on your own… But, there is nothing like support from friends and family is there?

  • Doomed But Cheerful!

    >Go Shannon! Close your eyes, let go, and enjoy that floaty feeling! You won’t fall – you will fly!

    (I spoke with my ex this week too, and know exactly how you are feeling!) G =]

  • Anonymous

    >Whatever caused the breakup,i hope you can both remain friends. But there are times when those you love abuse you so badly,you cant remain friends. Only you can judge the situation Shannon.