>Reaching out

>Since I added the contact email to my blog I have received over 300 emails about my blog. Some of you have left compliments, some have made requests and others have shared themselves and their thoughts with me.

I have read every single one.

I have to say that I am touched and a little awed by the things that I have read. It is a strange thing when you realise that you can touch a persons life even though they have never met you. Some of you have told me how my own experiences are so similar to your own and how reading my blog has helped. Well I thank you because writing it has helped me too.

Some writers have told me that I am living the life they wanted to live, that they read my blog and somehow feel a part of my journey. In writing about my own life I have touched on facets of other peoples lives and it really brings home the thought that we are all in this together. We all feel the same things and have the same problems.

You guys have all helped me a lot too. Your compliments build my confidence and your support when things get me down always makes me feel better. That’s what friends do after all… they support each other.

It makes me feel an awesome sense of responsibility.

It was never my intention to offer advice though sometimes it is hard no to. This blog was created for purely selfish reasons but it appears that it has become just as important to the people reading it as it has become to me as I write it.

I want to share some of the things that people have written that have really touched me. Names and dates have been left out to protect privacy but I feel compelled to share my good fortune with you all.

“My point is this, all through your blog, you have touched on facets of my life (when I was your age), your views of life are similar to mine, your thoughts on things you don’t like or make you mad at times, and the trials and tribulations that are going on in your life now. You have touched some one many thousands of miles away Shannon with your words.”

“My friend, and I hope you don’t mind me calling that, you may not have actually ever meet me or spoken to me but you have spoken to me through your words on your site. You planted the seeds for me to move forward.”

” Everyone always tells me that things happen for a reason, sometimes its hard for us to see those reasons at first, but in time they appear and we understand. Listen to your Mum… sounds like she has it right.”