>One day at a time…

>Well I am still in the Airport. I have to say that I am exhausted! I had a big night out last night. I needed it though. I am having good days and bad days but the bad days are getting shorter and shorter as I slowly move on with my life. It was inevitable that I would keep bumping into people that Josh is hooking up with and yesterday was one of those days. I started to feel like crap again but a quick phone call to Mum fixed that right up. I love my Mum.

I decided to go out last night. The best way to get over a man it seems is to get under a new one. I had a ball and didn’t get home until 6.30 this morning. I had a great time though… made out with lots (well 3) boys, got 2 phone numbers and got voted the hottest guy in the room by the guy I would have voted for as the hottest guy in the room. Talk about a confidence booster. People seem so much more approachable in Sydney although maybe it’s just because they sensed fresh meat LOL still it was lots of fun. I am planning on heading out tonight too with some old buddies from waterpolo. Should be alot of fun. Hopefully I can carry my lucky streak back to Melbourne with me! Iv’e had plenty of attention but i’m still in a bit of a drought if you know what I mean hehe.

  • Gary Kelly

    >Hello? Three boys in one night is a drought?

  • ansleyboy

    >Shannon, three boys and two phone numbers in one night, way to go. I would tend to agree with the comments from the guy you thought to be the hottest…you are hot, sexy and young! Just celebrate life, both the good and the bad, one day at a time. Keep on enjoying yourself and life to it’s fullest.

  • SpeedoMike

    >my impression is that they see more to you than just body/meat. I’ll bet your smiles, energy, and personality earned the title.

  • kevin d

    >Shannon, while you are emotionally recuperating, could you post some of the outtakes or blooper pics of you made during your photo shoots?