>Long weekend midi

>Well I am sitting in the airport again ready to head back to Sydney. I am beginning to think of it as home which is a good sign.

The long weekend is almost over and It has been nice seeing family and friends again. Last night was a bad Josh night and I didn’t get much sleep again. I’m looking forward to getting home and spending the day sailing around the harbour.

Once this weekend is over it will be time to focus on building some friendships and making some money. My friend Stuart has invited me to go to New Zealand with him and some friends so I need to get my stuff together. Lots of parties coming up too for Mardi Gras so I will need some spare cash and a few new besties if I am going to be able to go to those.

Things are getting a little easier and I think this week is going to be a good week. At least I am thinking of it that way.

I went clothes shopping on Saturday… something which I never do. I decided that it was time to update my wardrobe. I looked at it the other day and thought to myself

“I dress like a 16yo kid”,

so I picked up a nice singlet, vest, and a cardigan to wear out when I want to dress it up a bit. There is also the fact that most of the nice clothes that I own were given to me or bought for me by Josh and everytime I put them on it just makes me think about him. I need to move on from that.

Who knows I might even post some pics of me wearing actual clothes for a change.

Now I just need to trade in the racing car bed and get a hair cut.

  • Gary Kelly

    >You’re a bit of a puzzle. To my knowledge, you don’t have any sort of career interest or thoughts about a long term future. I gather that your savings are dwindling, and need a boost.

    Since you’re a dedicated party boy, I can see you working as a barman in a club. It’s a worthwhile skill to learn because you can work anywhere, anytime and at any age.

    I’m concerned that you rely a great deal on your looks. That’s cool for the moment but… go figure.

    And what was that about buying a cardigan? You mean they’re back?

  • aron2631

    >nice post. what do you do for money?

  • Dennis

    >I’m glad to hear your weekend was good.

    Sometimes clothes shopping is a good idea and you have the body type that wears clothes well.

    I think you should keep the race car bed and let the hair continue to grow.

  • mark0159

    >Hey mate, you know it takes time to get over someone. It just doesn’t happen over night. And it just doesn’t happen because you want it to happen. hang in there. It gets better over time. Strange but true. Unless you want to turn in to a cold heartless queen who fucks everyone and eveything.

    Woohoo coming to NZ. Enjoy your stay. Don’t forget to get out of Auckland. Rotoura is a nice place with plenty of things to do and see. Hell they even have some sheep if you get home sick 😉

    don’t forget that spending to much might effect your parting money.

  • Doomed But Cheerful!

    >Actual clothes? Nah – waste!
    I dress like a 16yo kid? That’s what the Tommy Hilfigger brand is based on – you should be one of their models!
    Moving on? It’s hard to do – but vital, if you are to grow.
    Thinking of you. G =]

  • lach

    >The racing car bed I can agree with,
    however – Don’t cut your hair mate 😛 (atleast not too short, it does look good 🙂 )

  • Sunswimmer

    >Hmmm..do I sense a bit of maturity developing? LOL..I have always felt that you are as young as you feel and in time the age thing just happens. Then, you still feel young but the body has other ideas, so do it while ya can. New clothes, great idea…but be the nature boy as often as you can. Cutting your hair? bad idea, your hair looks great. Racing bed? you have got to be kidding. Letting go? It all takes time, you will never forget, but you will get all of that behind you. Have a great time in NZ and enjoy some sun with your friends.

  • Anonymous

    >Hey Shannon, from a fellow Melbourne boy, hang in there. Your writings remind me of a scene from a movie called Latter Day Saints. The main character Aaron talks to a lady (the one that owns a restaurant) about all we see is dots – mainly because we are looking at it too closely. Later on, things will become clearer and their purpose known.

    By the way, I have a reply for mark0159. Rotorua – really??? And I don’t recall seeing any sheep in the Sulphur hot baths, Geothermal wonders or Moon over Lake Rotorua. I can think of many other places to visit.

    Hey Shannon, maybe let us know where in New Zealand you’ll be travelling and your Kiwi readers can offer suggestions.

    Keep your postings coming and cheers…


  • Jay

    >Great to hear that you have taken so many little steps and that you have set new goals for yourself. I hope your photo shoot with ‘Little Red Riding hood’ goes well. Watch out for that wolf!!


  • SpeedoMike

    >you cannot trim your hair!

  • Kosh

    >Hey Beautiful..
    You are who you are, you dress the way you want to dress and are comfortable in.. and with that body, I didn’t know u actually wore much in clothing, except for that shirt and tie… speedo’s do not count, since the cover so little.. Love the hat..
    Shannon is independently wealthy, how u wish to interpret that is entirely up to the reader… (actually he picks locks…;-) As for everything else, it takes time beautiful boi.. and you have a lot of it.. relatively speaking anyway.. “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing” Cheers Beautiful..

  • Anonymous

    >I am trying to post a comment and this is really just a test. I read most of the comments, and it is truly amazing how much everyone has in common. If this works – I’ll be back to say more.