Goldcoast here I am… eeek!

Okay guys have no fear I am still alive and living for the moment on the Goldcoast. It looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time here until July. As you know I had to come up here at very short notice but when opportunity knocks you just have to pick up and go. I arrived last week to quite a lot of uncertainty. I wasn’t sure about where…

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Life moves pretty fast…

  To borrow and bend a line from the Legendary Ferris Bueller ( Google him Tweens ), “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t look up from your phone once in a while you could miss it.” As a photographer I see a lot of what happens in my life through a lens, but there have been times when friends and family have turned to me when I’ve put the…


I’m headed north.

In about 48 hours I’ll be moving to the Goldcoast. Hey blog buddies for the last few days I have been stressing out because I am going to be working on the Goldcoast for a while. By a while I mean 1 week to possibly 3 months, I’m not sure at this point and it’s thrown my life in to chaos as I look for accommodation (if anybody has a couch…


Life balance or goals?

What brings satisfaction in life? Lately I have noticed that the things that have brought me the deepest sense of satisfaction have been things that will bring me long term happiness, like working on my career and my fitness and nurturing important friendships. The things that have brought me the least amount of happiness and satisfaction have been the things that are fleeting. Drugs, sex, alcohol and all those “instant”…


Help Google support Aussie youth.

For the Mardi Gras Fair Day this Sunday, Google has teamed up with Twenty10 to show that love is stronger than hate – by creating Australia’s biggest musical collaboration. We’re asking Aussies to contribute lyrics over the next few days, and at Fair Day itself. To date we’ve received contributions from noted celebrity supporters of the community such as Guy Sebastian, Magda Szubanski and Megan Washington. One of Australia’s best songwriters, Toby…


Eat fit. The food pyramid.

 This is what the new food pyramid looks like and it’s built for your body not for the food industry. Ask anybody who is into fitness or who takes their health seriously and they will tell you that your diet is the key to so many things. Your body is like an engine and the fuel you put in to it is the key to your success for gaining size,…