Fitspiration or Fitness nightmare.

Often when I can’t workout or when I feel like I have lost weight, tone, or strength it comes with a really deep sense of frustration. I feel like all the hard work of the previous years and months has been wasted. It’s a vanity thing too because obviously the more attractive I feel the more confident I am. I have also noticed that it’s very obvious that the times…


If wishes were underwear.

If wishes were underwear… Wow, what a great response. I really want to say thanks to everyone who has sent me something from my wish list over the past two weeks. I’ve been bombarded with some really hot underwear and I can’t wait to show you. Thanks everyone for your support. So far I have received 2 new bikinis, some white briefs a new jockstrap and some boxer shorts. All…


I’m feeling reconnected

Reconnecting with the Universe and the power of positive thinking   I left my keys on the train today and was a little stressed out. I have just moved in somewhere nice and I didn’t want to piss off my land lady. I don’t know what happened but a little voice in my head that I haven’t heard in a very long time told me to be positive and my…

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Could the blonde come back?

On this #throwbackthursday I ask myself, Could the blonde come back? A friend of mine stayed with me in London for the weekend on his way back to Australia. I’m very jealous that while he’s going to be enjoying beach days and parties in the sunshine I’m going to be freezing my arse of in Ole’blighty. But the reason for this post is something that he said to me while…


Five things I do boost my happiness.

  Five things I do to increase my happiness. As someone who struggles with depression from time to time there are somethings that I do both big and small to help boost my happiness and my satisfaction with life. Day to day there are little things that I find help to boost my overall happiness and I have decided to share some of them with you. Exersize, you don’t have…


A decent nights sleep.

  After a month living out of my suitcase I’ve finally found a place to settle down. My soft landing in London turned in to skidding sideways crash when the accommodation I had planned before I arrived became unavailable. Since then I have been bouncing from Airbnb’s to friends couches and then back to Airbnb’s. They have been comfortable enough but trying to find a place to live while working…