Messages to my 16yo self. There are guys who wanna eat my arse and guys who wanna kick it… that’s life.

There are guys who wanna eat my arse and guys who wanna kick it… that’s life. Trying to make everybody happy or win the popularity game isn’t as important to me as it once was. When I was younger I used to worry all the time about the people who didn’t like me and how I could turn them around. In school I was bullied and after school I found…


Letters to my 16 yo self. You don’t have to be perfect, just better than you were last time.

There are things that we all want to change about ourselves but what holds us back? One of the things that used to trigger feelings of depression and inadequacy in myself was when I identified something about myself or my life that I wasn’t able to fix no matter how hard I tried. I’d beat myself up all the time, “I know I’m better than this.” I think we all…


A walk through the rainforest.

Now that I’m back on the Goldcoast I have decided that I am going to make a point of spending more time checking out the National Parks around me and some more of the beaches. I have to admit that I don’t feel like I have been using my time as well I as I could have been when I’ve been travelling to really explore the places I have been…


Telling each other to ignore the bullies isn’t helpful.

I have grown to dislike it, hate it even when people say to others regarding bullies, “oh just ignore them”. I remember being told “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”, but words do hurt and they can leave scars that run deep and last a lifetime. It was a lazy response from people who were either unwilling or ill-equipped to genuinely help. Telling…


Where have I been?

Last Saturday I flew back to Melbourne for a break and to spend Easter with my family and friends. Mum has a place out in the Otways which is one of the more beautiful parts of Victoria. It’s coooooold down here but being able to enjoy some fresh air, lots of cups of tea and good local food has been a nice way to spend my time off. I haven’t…